Domestic spying drying Obama support

July 23, 2013

obamaThe Obama administration’s penchant for massive spying operations aimed at American citizens has cost him dearly in California support, a recent Field Poll shows. (San Jose Mercury News)

Obama dropped 10 percent in favorability — from 62 percent to 52 percent — over the past five weeks, an unprecedented dive in numbers among contemporary presidents, according to the statewide opinion poll.

Recent news that Obama’s government is shadowing Americans’ phone and Internet activity has disturbed many Americans.

Women in this state have found the government’s surveillance program most odious, with Obama losing 15 percent of his support from them. Registered Democrats’ enthusiasm trailed off by 14 percent during the same brief period.

Poll director Mark DiCamillo said he thinks the decline in Obama’s popularity can be traced to the acceleration of government spying on ordinary citizens.

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What could’ve gone wrong? You elected a man who was raised by card carrying communist grandparents, was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis (Obama references him 41 times in his book) editor of The Honolulu Record (partially funded by the Soviets) and later the editor of The Chicago Star, was a neighbor and good friend of Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn, is a devotee of Saul Alinsky and was the lead speaker at the release of the play honoring Alinsky, has spent millions fighting the release of his birth certificate (a certificate of birth is different than the original), was a pot head and coke user, and on and on. Now your surprised he allows government bullies to spy on you. Think much?

I get the feeling that Obama says whatever it takes to get votes and then does whatever it takes to get the funding to spread that message. Typical politician and a sad commentary on the gullibility of American voters.

Currently, his funding sources are a mix of big businesses with a high percentage of entertainment industry, finance and tech industry supporters. Those are the folks he wants to please with his actions. He merely talks like a liberal socialist to con that voting element into support.

More accurately, Obama says whatever he is told to say, but most people listening to him are so personally invested in their small ideological worlds, he is nothing but a symbol. They really do not hear what he says, nor do they see what he does. To them, it’s all just a symbol of their ideology that they’ve convinced themselves is the One True Faith, never to be slandered.

Therefore, any and all criticisms or questions about Obama’s actions and words are taken personally, as a grave insult to these small-minded fools. Hopefully it will not last too much longer, as even the most ignorant of Obama voters is starting to notice that something isn’t right.

The sad thing is those ignorant 30% or so are hanging on like mad to their little leftist dream…of what, I can’t imagine, because he ain’t livin’ up to one thing that he promised them. I think they just can’t admit they screwed up when they voted for the guy.

You all should have been listening to us. Now you are learning the hard way about this guy.

Yeah, we get it:

Obama is a tool, Bush2 was a tool, Clinton was a tool, Bush1 was a tool, Reagan was a tool.

Every four years, we step into the booth, and register our preference for: (1) a monkey wrench, or (2) a stillson wrench.

And then we get hit over the head with it for the next four years.

Well said!

I’d have to disagree with you on Reagan and Clinton. Neither were “tools” as Bush W. and Obama are. I love how Bush W’s worst issues were essentially doubled-down on by Obama, but he’s somehow immune from any and all criticisms (apart from partisan critics, of course).

Clinton was the consummate (heh, not to be confused with consummating… zing!) politician. Mr. “Finger in the Wind” himself. He was very good at taking credit for things others did, and pulled it off because he is a democrat, and the media (at the time) really did not look closely into dems…

Reagan was an excellent president, despised by the big-government folks. Most of the left (and many on the right) didn’t like his small government, common-sense approach to things. Sure, he wasn’t perfect, but compared to your original list, I’d say he’s the least “tool” among them. By a solid lightyear.

I just want to make sure folks understand that the government is NOT just collecting “metadata” about your communications. Since they control all of the primary fiber optics cables, they are capturing ALL communications. However, that information is useless unless they actually have the metadata which describes the communications being carried, and the only place they can get that is from the companies who provide the communications to their end users. The government needs a warrant for that, hence the kangaroo FISA court. They do not need a warrant for that which they already control, so you will not see any physical evidence surfacing to prove to you this is happening. The metadata was the weakest link.

Close. You actually resolved it in your own words: they are “capturing” (we called it collecting, or intercepting) all communications. This DOES include the metadata, ip addresses, geolocation stuff, etc.

What this does mean, is that they are NOT LISTENING to everything, as that is humanly impossible. This is why NSA has been working with Google for 5(?) or so years. Google was NEVER about a search engine. Google has always been about one main thing: predicting human thought. I.E. they want to be the first at true A.I. (artificial intelligence). Getting there, they have made great tech – such as predictive marketing, analytics, etc. All designed to know what you want before you know you want it.

Anyway, back to NSA: part of what google has been building has been some great BOTS. Little programs (actually, very complex) that can scour MASSIVE amounts of data, utilizing the same predictive algorithms, to FIND stuff. Hence, a great search engine. Fast and accurate returns… now, what if you had those search functions, those BOTS on STEROIDS and scanning the 3-5 terabytes of info that NSA is copying every day…

As a former NSA intelligence analyst, I can tell you right now, this is VERY dangerous and VERY illegal… at least it was. The way this administration (and Bush to a smaller degree before) behave, they’ll just pass a law in a few years making what they’ve been doing for the past 5 or more, completely legal.

Sorry for the wall-of-text reply; I have to watch what I say, etc. Please believe me when I say this may just be our Orwellian moment… soon.

We all know President Obama’s drop in popularity is George Bush’s fault.

…and they called Clinton the teflon prez…

Obama makes teflon look sticky. I’ve never seen someone in charge of so much that is not responsible for anything. Ever.

“Poll director Mark DiCamillo said he thinks the decline in Obama’s popularity can be traced to the acceleration of government spying on ordinary citizens.”

Duh…. ‘ya think?

Yep…That’s it! Spying!……that is the explanation for his drop in the “POLLS”. I guess it will really get bad for Obama when the people of California realize the economy is as bad as ever. Jobs are still nonexistent. The health care fiasco is now approaching the absurd. Gas prices are going up and down like a pinball machine. Iraq is still involved in a civil war that Obama ran away from to win an election. We are still bogged down in Afghanistan. The IRS and other government agencies are targeting people that believe in the U.S. Constitution as it was written….yeah it’s the NSA spying…AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA give me a break.

Granted Obama has a lot of other faults but his supporters either are ignorant of them, consider them unimportant, blame others for them or think that they are actually positive qualities. The “spying” thing is one of the faults of which many supporters were simply ignorant. Now that they know, they are backing way off on their support for him. This is a different situation than with faults they excuse.

However, this won’t do most Republicans any good because they still refuse to acknowledge and apologize for their own failures and present acceptable alternatives to the Democrat Party Line BS.

I just think his supporters like to win…they have been use to that lately and they are standing firm even in the face of pure presidential corruption and national mismanagement. You will have the opportunity to read my post after the moderator gets around to it. That normally takes a few hours.

Bring it to the local level: are our political leaders any less corrupt and inept than Obama? Granted, his mismanagement and complete failures effect more people, but we’ve got some real doozies in the city/county/state…

Obama and his lunatic minions are just reflections of the lunacy in the many parts of the country.

People will emulate what their leaders do. A fish rots from the head. When Clinton was in office we had some wack jobs here and there but now it appears like the whole nation north east of St Louis and west of Arizona have lost their minds. I guess you can point to the media (national and local) and their lack of outrage at anything done or said (legal or illegal or just plain loony) by a liberal.

the county has been bringing you diversity for years. Templeton has 2 newly built developments and both are “affordable” housing full of single mothers and diversity.

Paso Robles is getting a new project along 46 east just off the 101 on the north side.

So what are you talking about?

Looks like CCN mixed up the comments thread from another article. All the posts including and preceding Robert1’s are a different topic.

Still happening . . .

He’s talking about that long tradition of communist governments: forced integration. Every country did it, Soviet Union, Romania, Cuba, etc. They always make their very different people live together, because in their dysfunctional world, it just makes them feel good to think that different people can all just get along. Well, hate to burst your bubble, but it hasn’t worked for 6,000 years or so, and it ain’t gonna start now.

Class / race / ethnicity / religion – doesn’t matter what it is that separates groups of people, they separate naturally on their own. Forcing them to live among others never works. Heck, forcing people to do anything usually has undesirable consequences.

I smell a whole new industry funded by you and me, high-end ghettos.

You area absolutely correct. When these projects are finished divide the number of units provided into the total cost of the project. In the real world these would have a value of estate properties. Oh, but I forgot to add in the 1-2 or 3 years of govenrnent input that it took to get these projects approved. Plain and simple the fleecing of us all by the government.

Look to your right. Look to your left. Those people likely rely on the government for their existence / sustenance. Now you understand why government will never shrink, will never retreat its fingers from all your pies.

Now Hud has announced new rules for neighborhood diversity, meaning that they want to put HUD housing in everyone’s neighborhood, saying that everyone deserves to live in a neighborhood they can be proud of. This was announced at the NAACP meeting in June.

I’m telling you, this is what communism did. Everywhere it was tried. Not just low-income mixing with high income; it was racial mixes, ethnic mixes, religious mixes. Mix everything. Force the utopia on them. They learned the hard way that it fails. Every time.