Drought hits NorCal pot farms

July 25, 2013

prague-potDrought conditions in Northern California may be prompting marijuana farmers to evacuate, leaving behind tens of thousands of dollars worth of pot cultivation. (San Jose Mercury News)

Law enforcement officials report finding fields of pot with no one tending them, and showing signs of a lack of water.

In one instance, deputies found and destroyed 12,000 plants in a raid which also netted equipment, fertilizer, and a shrine to La Santa Muerte, a figure commonly venerated by drug smugglers who supposedly protects them from arrest.

Many of the Northern California fields now being discovered are being culled by Mexican nationals, who plant crops on public land and simply disappear when the law shows up.

The area in May was assigned a level of “moderate drought” by the National Weather Service but the dry conditions have not yet affected legitimate crop production.

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AH, here come the Paulists ! Proves the point that Libertarians are just Republicans that want to smoke dope and get laid.

Ag subsidies are simply a form of ‘bad socialism’ ..government handouts to those that don’t need it.

But, I digress. Abandoned pot farms may be yet another statistical measure on the state of the economy.

Just legalize it because we will never eradicate it. That would result in a complete drop in pollution in our forests, a drop in law enforcement costs that could be transferred into education, and less money being transferred to Mexico to the cartels. But nooooooooo, our deceiving president continues his assault on legitimate state businesses.

Ahhh…common sense…thumbs up to standup…

I’ve never smoked pot & never will but it’s time to legalize it, tax it, regulate it. This “war on pot” is a ridiculous waste of money and resources.

Dang…just when they brought back the Twinkie…

Donde esta los Twinkies (I have food stamps to use)? Supposedly back on the shelves 7/15 they are sadly nowhere to be found.

lol You will never find them…you live in a college town.

Are these growers afforded the same sort of subsidies other farmer are? Considering the drought, they should be entitled to low interest loans along with all the other govt. provisions…after all, they do produce a consumable commodity.

I suppose we should, the government still subsidies tobacco farmers and then turns around and spends billions on stop smoking programs, makes no sense. First stop using taxpayer money to grow tobacco.

I trying to decide just what affect this will have on the price of gasoline, interest rates or the cost of education. Certainly loco pizza deliveries will go down.