Arroyo Grande broker vying for Teixeira’s former seat

July 26, 2013

Michael Byrd

Arroyo Grande real estate broker Michael Byrd has announced that he is seeking the gubernatorial appointment to the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors. [KCOY]

Byrd became the first applicant to formally announce his candidacy to fill the seat of Paul Teixeira, who died of a heart attack in June.

“I’ve spent the past 27 years negotiating satisfactory solutions between parties with competing interests,” Byrd said in a press release. “With the significant issues facing our county and the short time left on Paul’s term, I can be effective from the outset. There would be little or no learning curve.”

Governor Jerry Brown will appoint the replacement for Teixeira. The governor’s office has not announced a timetable for the appointment.

Arroyo Grande Counilwoman Caren Ray is also believed to be seeking the governor’s appointment. Ray was seen meeting with Supervisor Adam Hill Wednesday while an Air Pollution Control District board meeting would have been occurring had Hill attended.


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My guess is that Governor Brown, current version, that I like, appoints a caretaker, not a a candidate.

My guess is that the Gov does not want to stick the community with a placeholder. That would be the worst case. After a lengthy and carefully considered vetting process, I’m sure a person who is interested in continuing in the position and has the character, integrity, and clout to do just that will be selcted.

Just think of all the back room meetings the three amigo’s could have,on our dime Hill,Ray,Gibson.

Pretty weird that Hill was already backdoor meeting with ray when he should have been at a board meeting. Hopefully we can run these two clowns out of office next election.

Caren Ray, the South County’s own version of Anthony Weiner. Her running and drinking club (SLO house harriers) was a former CCN topic :

“According to the SLO House Harriers web site, they are “a drinking group with a running problem.” They organize runs called hashers, an event that involves drinking and running after someone dubbed the hare.

Hashing is a mixture of athleticism, drinking, public nudity, cross dressing and hedonism, according to a hasher website.

Members are given nicknames such as Princess, Panama Jackoff, Rub Her Dinghy and SLO-Cop-You-Later (Ray’s nickname).

“It is a running group,” Ray said. “I have not been to an event in some time because it can be misjudged. I am no longer a member.”

And while Ray, a Santa Maria High School social sciences teacher, contends this is just normal adult activity, her comments about drinking in public places such as the Arroyo Grande Wal-Mart parking lot, sex on the running trail and her students’ drinking has caused some to question her ability to represent the city.”

Sounds to me that she meets all of the qualifications needed to fit into the lifestyles of Hill and Gibson which they seem will make a majority on the Board of Supervisors. Is this what is meant by San Luis Obispo being the friendliest place to live.

These 3 bimbos are disgusting to say the least.

Really? She’s got my vote!

I’d rather see Caren Ray naked than Anthony Weiner, but that’s just me.

But a better choice then Ms. Care Ray, whose background and behavior which makes her moral compass equal to Hill and Gibson and pars the three of them as equal compadres

Are there not upstanding citizens who just want to run for the good of the community, their neighbors, their local businesses and themselves without beholding to political party’s, unions, developers, etc. anymore. I know, you need the money to run for any office and the money comes from those listed above. Such a sad state when people like Weiner, Hill and Gibson are the best we have to represent us. Makes me sick to think about it!

Why isn’t the political affiliation of any of the Texeira replacement candidates ever mentioned in any article seen on the subject to date?

Why is that important tidbit of info always left out?

Seems to be a “convenient” method for a “switch” to be made – again, with the media complicit in the operation.

So, the Communist-Democrats are trying to pull a fast one on The People (they supposedly exist to serve) – coupled with the Gibson-Hill tactics, seems like any “decent” folk would be embarrassed to be affiliated with any such disingenuous behavior and distance themselves from “the party” that’s so manipulative that it has actually convinced millions of people that outright selfishness is “service” and “consideration” of others.

People don’t have to be affiliated with any self-serving party to be FREE. What they need to do is align themselves with TRUTH, HONESTY, SELF-RELIANCE (NOT Government-Reliance) and RESPECT FOR YOUR FELLOW MAN (NOT Bow Down and Obey Self-Serving, Lying Tyrants).

As far as I can tell, people involved in real estate are another segment of society’s leeches, trying to weedle a way to make a buck off someone else’s back. They’re way overpaid for the amount of time and energy they expend. Hourly, it comes to hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars for not really doing too much. And as is often the case with those who manipulate resources – not liable for much at all. Legalized scamming is all it is. Not really a good recommendation.

The answer is simple. The position of county supervisor is a non-partisan position, so their political affiliation is irrelevant. Candidates do not have to belong to any particular political party, and if they do, they do not have to publicly state which one it is. Your attitude is part of the tired old partisan bigotry that contributes to the “us vs them” attitude popular among political extremists in both parties. Being affiliated with a political party is no guarantee that the candidate will vote the way you want them to, especially at the local level. How about you just look at each candidate’s positions and vote to the one that best matches your own, rather than being a sheep and relying on the “party” to do your thinking for you?

Do you write Disney cartoons as well?

When you call people “communists”, I don’t put any stock in anything else you say.