Latino population to equal whites in 2013

July 1, 2013

californiaThe number of Latinos living in California will soon equal and then surpass that of non-Hispanic whites, according to official state population projections.

The Latino Democratic Club is hosting an event on Monday that will highlight how the 15 million Latinos in California is equal to the state’s non-Hispanic white population, the Sacramento Bee reported.

In 1999, there were approximately 5 million more non-Hispanic whites living in California than Latinos. State demographers project that by 2064, California will have 25 million Latinos and 15.6 million whites.

While Latinos population numbers have increased through immigration and comparatively high birth rates, the number of whites has fallen because of high numbers moving out of the state and dropping birth rates.

Even though Latino population numbers are equal to whites, there continues to be wide gaps in income, education and other social measures, the Sacramento Bee said.

For example, while the median household income for Latinos in 2011 was about $44,300, the median household income for non-Hispanic whites was about $67,000.


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Unless someone …anyone, is from pure North American aboriginal ancestry …every one else is an IMMIGRANT.

Doesn’t matter if you moved here last month, or your ‘family’ arrived here generations ago.

You don’t come from here.

This is all crazy…

And sounds like race-baiting to me!

Especially when you consider…

“Hispanic” is someone of Spanish (from Spain) and/or Portuguese descent. These are white/caucasian people! (More on “caucasian” later.)

“Latino” is someone from a Latin American country, regardless of ethnicity/skin color. So this uninformed idea that “The Latinos are taking over!” is ridiculous, unless you are afraid of peoples of ALL RACES/COLORS from Central and South America?

From my Webster’s New World Dictionary, 1980:

“Caucasoid • adj. [from the erroneous notion that the original home of the hypothetical Indo-Europeans was the Caucasus] designating or of one of the major groups of mankind: it includes peoples of Europe, North Africa, the Near East, India, etc. and is loosely called the ‘white race’ although it embraces many peoples of dark skin color – n. a member of the Caucasoid group”

And there you have it. Brown people are white people, too. Hispanics are Caucasians. Latinos come in all shapes/sizes/colors/ethnicities, just like Americans.

Migration issues aside, when you understand the real meanings of the terms being used, you suddenly realize that articles like these make NO kind of sense… Unless there’s an agenda.

The current immigration reform bill before Congress may cost California billions of dollars. The 10 year plan for citizenship will require that the participants do not get welfare benefits from the federal government.

Governor Brown has already announced that the state of California that has 25% of the illegal population will have to provide a state welfare benefit program for these people on the path to citizenship based upon money from California taxpayers:

Of course, the idea was that these illegal immigrants would be showing that they could take care of themselves without government aid–that is not going to happen in this state. We will be subsidizing the people here illegally now (in their quest for citizenship) and forever (because they come here illiterate in their own language and often without work skills).

I think there is a lot of speculation, some omitted positives and some exaggerated negatives in your last paragraph. However, the point is fundamentally still correct.

Without major help from the feds or a massive reduction in state “benefits” to all people, this state is headed for an ever deeper financial hole. The first option is not real likely and the second is practically a joke.

I did not know that I was a minority until 1970 when the government gave me that label. Funny thing, I still don’t see myself as a minorty of any kind but most of the general public see government people as vampires. Is this what they mean by drinking the cool aide or is it because they suck your pockets dry?

Many of us, myself included, have been in a minority in California for years and decades. The group is called “taxpayers”, a minority that is getting smaller and smaller every year, was as the another group is getting larger and larger, “Tax-takers”.

Codswallop. Victimisation and dreams of martyrdom.

What a lofty ambition.

And, no wonder those taxpayers are leaving California…only to be replaced by new immigrants..

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. Their little “highlighting” party is racist, and at it’s root is the old democratic base stirring the race pot to reach their goal of divide and conquer. The issue is not what color you are it is the RATE of immigration. Ideally, you let in enough immigrants to allow for assimilation and proper care of the immigrants (food, education, housing, health care). When are people going to realize immigration is not a color issue, but an issue of how much weight the foundation can hold. We are broken, but those in Washington don’t care. They’ve got theirs and they want to keep it.


Good comment — right on the money. (Although for some, “color” does enter into the issue.)

I guess I have always been somewhat confused by the term non-hispanic white (versus say “Hispanic white”). If you consider the impact the Roman Empire had on the Iberian peninsula for nearly a millennium, there is a tremendous amount of interbreeding between the Hispanic and other Mediterranean populations. Unless your ancestry has a tremendous amount of Native American blood mixed in, ethnically speaking the Italians and the Spanish are not all that far apart. Considering most modern Americans have no less than 2 or more European countries they can trace ancestry back to (how many Irish Germans I know…), its all pretty moot.

We’ve always had Hispanics in California. The defining figure will be how many illegal Hispanic immigrants vs. white and Hispanic citizens we now have. Once the Hispanic/Latino illegal immigrant figure reaches 50% of the population (and we don’t really have those figures), then you will really see white/Hispanic citizen flight to other states.

Of course their median income is lower than “whites” – I’ll bet it’s also lower than “blacks” and “yellows” and other “non-Hispanic-browns” – that’s what a massive migratory agricultural workforce does for a “color” (even the non-Capitalized ones).

Leave it to the Excramento Bee to not delve into the numbers before making disingenuous statements like that.

I hope many catch the entrepreneurial spirit and get off the Democrat Plantation before it’s too late; however, the complete dismantlement of education in this State tells me otherwise.