Great white shark tosses kayak

June 30, 2013

sharkA Central Coast water recreation area has been temporarily closed after a great white shark displayed violent behavior on Saturday.

State Park officials told KCOY the 12-foot-long shark swam between two fishermen in kayaks and at one point lifted one of the vessels out of the water. The kayak did not capsize and neither of the men was injured.

The incident occurred in the waters off of Tajiguas State Beach, one mile west of Refugio State Beach in Santa Barbara County.

Because of the shark’s violent behavior, officials have placed a 72 hour closure for water recreation within six miles of the sighting. The beach areas remain open.


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I decided to go swimming in that water yesterday despite the shark postings on the beach. No wonder the Great White was vacation there, the water was great!

Luck GUY , hes cleaning the brown stuff out of the YAK

Not violent behavior at all, simply a check for edibility. Their main food source are dead and disabled seals, whales, etc. They do not eat kayaks nor people, way too crunchy and risky. They simply check their potential food using the few techniques available to them to determine viability. A super-hungry animal, especially if carrying offspring, may choose not to check their food closely enough and attack violently, and this is when humans and “unnatural” food get bitten. However, deceased land mammals are part of their natural food chain as they’re corpses get washed into the oceans where they become viable too, though not preferred for their lack of meat and boniness.

Calling Shark hunter Quint, Sheriff Martin Brody and Bio man Matt Hooper, please report to the Orca ASAP. Central Coast has a shark to catch!

And now California is trying to list these as threatened or endangered due to pressure from a couple of environmental NGO’s. The only reason the enviros are pushing this is to aid in their endless quest to put a stop to all commercial fishing.

Check out the film “Sharkwater”

This is much bigger than the central coast. But everybody likes to pretend that their individual activities don’t contribute to global issues. For instance, I haven’t purchased shark in over 15 years, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an impact in other ways.

Makes sense. There is no commercial fishery for white sharks in California, only a very occasional, incidental catch in other well managed fisheries. Not being satisfied that having well managed fisheries is a good thing, the ENGO’s have learned that by capitalizing on any interaction with an “endangered species”, those well managed fisheries can be stopped altogether. They create and use possible a “crisis” that is possibly occurring somewhere else in the world to their full advantage in the indoctrination of the under-informed average person.By creating a crisis,they have accomplished their main goal, the generation of funding from their benefactors who are set on “saving the planet “

Sharks aren’t "Violent", they are just hungry.

I’ll wager that the person in the kayak would argue with you about the “violence” of the attack ….

“Animals don’t behave like men,’ he said. ‘If they have to fight, they fight; and if they have to kill they kill. But they don’t sit down and set their wits to work to devise ways of spoiling other creatures’ lives and hurting them. They have dignity and animality.”

― Richard Adams, Watership Down

No I think they decide very intelligently exactly who and what they are going to bite. The do have brains. Now tell me they don’t think. That is exactly why I look and pay attention to the signs posted. When swimming in the ocean I can’t see down deep enough to feel safe so I lay in my pool. I don’t care what’s under me. Usually it’s one of the great white grandkids trying to dump my floaty with me on it.

God Bless all