Missing APCD board members spotted

July 25, 2013

photoTwo San Luis Obispo County supervisors who claimed that they were unable to attend an Air Pollution Control District Board meeting Wednesday morning were spotted at a gathering that afternoon in Pismo Beach.

Supervisors Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill, who both said they could not make it to the APCD board meeting earlier in the day which caused the meeting to be cancelled, attended a San Luis Obispo Economic Vitality Corporation (EVC) gathering Wednesday in Pismo Beach at the Ventana Grill restaurant.


Bruce Gibson, center, at EVC gathering

The event began in the afternoon and lasted into the evening. Gibson and Hill were spotted around 5:30 p.m.

Hill was also spotted around 11 a.m. Wednesday, when the board meeting would have been occurring, having coffee with Caren Ray, an Arroyo Grande Councilwoman and candidate to fill a vacancy on the Board of Supervisors.

San Luis Obispo Councilman John Ashbaugh, who said he could not go to the APCD meeting, attended the event in Pismo Beach as well. Ashbaugh said he could not make the board meeting because he was teaching at Alan Hancock College at the time.

Ashbaugh is San Luis Obispo’s alternate APCD board member. Regular board member Mayor Jan Marx announced in advance that she would be out of town Wednesday.

When asked by CalCoastNews why he could not attend the APCD meeting, Hill walked away. Gibson left the event before that.

Gibson and Hill are currently trying to regain the majority on both the Board of Supervisors and the APCD board.


Adam Hill, center, at EVC gathering

If either of the two supervisors, or Ashbaugh, chose to attend the APCD meeting Wednesday, the board would have met.

The 12-member board needs seven members present to achieve a quorum. Following Gibson and Hill’s decision earlier this week to skip the meeting, only six members were committed to attending.


John Ashbaugh asking a question at EVC gathering

If the APCD board met Wednesday, Gibson, Hill and/or Ashbaugh likely would fallen in the minority on key votes because their political allies were out of town.

The APCD board next meets in September. By then, the Grover Beach City Council may boot its mayor, Debbie Peterson, from the board. Peterson is a political foe of Hill and Gibson. Hill has publicly chastised Peterson on two recent occassions for her active involvement in APCD issues.


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To avoid a quorum, is the lazy politician’s way of filibustering.

I support continued regulated use of off road vehicles in a portion of the dunes. But I do NOT support the antics and self-serving propaganda of Kevin Rice. He is a detriment to the OHV community and gives it a bad name. He has continually made misleading public statements and has unnecessarily antagonized countless people.

Rice hoped a vote would be ramrodded through the APCD when key people were absent but his scheme was foiled and now he’s madder than a wet cat and is doing all he can to get uninformed people to join him in his disingenuous “outrage” at typical political maneuvering designed to postpone key decision making until key people are present and the public’s best interest will be served.

There are two known constants:

!. Crime doesn’t pay…as well as politics

2. The word ‘politics’ is derived from the word ‘poly’, meaning ‘many’, and the word ‘ticks’, meaning ‘blood sucking parasites’

I can’t wait until the Sept. meeting. Those two are pigs through and through.

Hill and Gibson shirked their obligations and also lied. Why are the ideologues on the left so willing to excuse dishonorable conduct by the likes of Gibson, Hill or, for that matter, a couple of New York politicos currently trying to resurrect their shattered political careers, not to mention former President Clinton? Whatever happened to finding dedicated, honorable people for political office?

For the answer to your question, see my next comment.

So…Debbie Arnold et al get a dose of their own medicine. Surprise, surprise. LOL

A dose of her own medicine? And what would that medicine be?

Daring to speak her mind to a couple of mysoginistic supervisors? Lord knows those two have no tolerance for an uppity woman.

Try again Dude!

Ms. Arnold treats her constituents and the rest of the citizens of SLO County the way she did with the four-year-olds in her glorified babysitting business.

It is not the fault of everyone else that so many of her rural base deserves to be treated that way.

When she first got on the board, Ms.Arnold did nothing but play politics to deny power to Hill and Gibson. Now they are returning the favor.

Weren’t you all just talking about Hill & Gibson playing politics and the rest of us should just get over it?

Debbie was denying power to these two powerbrokers? I say she was just denying them cover.

Whenever the APCD meets again ought to really be a good one for everyone to watch. Since Texeria’s untimely death it now puts Fonzi from Atascadero in charge of the meetings. I have heard that there is a real dislike between Fonzi and the Hill/Gibson group. I don’t believe that Fonzi will lay down to the likes of Hill, Gibson, Ashbaugh. The meeting should be caustic to say the least.

If anyone tries to make it caustic Director Fonzi will maintain dignity. Her style is above reproach.

Really? Since when? No different than Hill or Gibson, just on the “other team”. Hill and Gibson are using all the tools in the box, just like their opponents. People who don’t think there’s and R or a D attached to EVERY local candidate for “non-partisan” office are insanely naive regardless of their political view.

If all you look for is R or D then you are insanely naive (and insipid). That’s exactly how people like Anthony Weiner get elected. Over 33,000 county voters are registered non-partisan, and growing. People are sick of R and D.

ITA, Kevin.

Not looking for it, just getting it shoved in my face. Hill and Gibson are pretty heinous with their machinations, so are Meacham and Arnold with their gospel-prosperity, Tea Party denial of fact.

It’s exactly how Gibson, Hill, Meacham and Arnold got elected. Save it for your next trip to Disneyland, which you can easily afford courtesy of the taxpayers of SLO.

Gibson and Hill are idiots and, based on their prior behavior, anything they did would not surprise me, but not attending a meeting is not a capital offense.

Gibson, Hill, Meacham and Arnold are ALL idiots. That’s how our system “works”.

Sorry, not “idiots”, I doubt the intelligence of none of them, we’re the idiots.

I agree….Gibson IS an idiot.

Oh, what a bunch of dog drool from Kevin Rice and his baying minions of anti-enviro, extremist flamers.

They got outflanked, and couldn’t ramrod through THEIR agenda with a diminished and undemocratic quorum …so they resort to what most radicals do:


WAHHH,,,We couldn’t get OUR way ! WAHHHH !

A several week wait for the ‘dust to settle’ would be advisable anyway, with a full board paricipation.

Or do you just not care for democracy all that much, Mr. Rice ?

Boy,I sure seem to control everything in this county according to some.

FYI- Democracy means having a vote, not scuttling the election.

NICE TRY in claiming not voting is democratic representation. Those two goons could have simply shown up and asked for a deferral on the contentious items for good cause.

Cut the phony statesmanship, Kevin. Its’ called lack of a quorum. It’s a valid political maneuver used for centuries by both sides, like the threat of a filibuster used 100s of times recently by the conservatives in Congress to stop all things Obama.

So stop all the moany, groany, baloney. And BTW, I for one think you control absolutely nothing in this county…thank the Lord.

Moany, groany, baloney? Adam’s re-election slogan?

I don’t know who is going to have a bigger laugh than I do when motorized vehicles are finally banned from Oceano Dunes. I just don’t understand people like you that think you have some “right” to speed along the beach, disrupting the wildlife in the dunes (they ARE NOT bereft of life) and raising a lot of dust. The residents are swinging away from wanting this to dust dispersion to continue.

Closure? Both Adam and Larry absolutely insist they don’t want it closed. Are they LYING?

Does your car disrupt wildlife? Your house? The 101 freeway? It’s called balance. The recreation area is 9% of the dune complex. Don’t be a selfish snot. You are squatting on more than your share of wildlife.

The dust is natural. Probably the least its ever been in history considering the thousands of acres of invasive vegetation introduced by man—which also happens to be the single largest threat to native species as well.

Winedude? hum..so Mr. Environmentalist whats your take on sucking north counties aquifer dry so you can consume your favorite bottle of swill?

Frankly we just dont understand people like you that think you have some right to suck the entire regions water supply away in the name of self indulgence and personal profit. Talk about disrupting animals, and destroying hundreds of thousands of acres for something no EVERYBODY likes.

You don’t know me so calling me names (Mr. Environmentalist) makes you nothing more than a bloviating rectal pore. That being said, personally, I would have every well in the county be mandated to have a meter, so at the very least we would have an idea of where water is being used. I also would propose a moratorium on planting grapes on any ground that didn’t have grapes on it within the past 5 (pick a number) years. This would allow for replanting when necessary.

If you think I’m pleased about the depletion of the aquifer you have another think coming. The problem has historically been that the highest quality grapes and people want to live in the same places. Also, in my opinion, Paso Robles is one of the most over-rated wine districts in California. Yes, there are some outstanding wines made within the AVA but most of the wines produced are, at best, plonk!

Don’t forget your high fees

Mr. Mustangglp: You have a problem with my fees? You object to paying someone for their years of experience and education? Don’t hire me; that’s not a problem. There ARE plenty of people who will pay. Don’t want to drink wine? No problem…rather not have rectal pores drinking it anyway…

His “re-election slogan”? SO you already concede he will win. First smart thing you’ve said here.

He very well may as long as his sycophants and good ol’ boy bully power structure continues to deceive the public and defend his corrupt crookery.

Ah, the real Kevin shows up.

A bizarre comment for an anonymous author to make.

No, his re-election slogan will be “thank the Lord”, thank the Lord I’m not Jerry Lenthall or Ed Wagge. The Board of Supe’s will continue to be a viscous 3-2 battle, no room for moderation. And the candidates will be the worst from both sides.

So a lack of quorum is why the two phoneys didn’t go, did they rub a genie to know this, as per the article if they had gone to the meeting there would have been a quorum, but these two yaks don’t want to play well with others so they withheld from going,just like two spoiled brats who don’t want ot face the music.

Say what you will, it worked perfectly. AND gave all you conservatives conniption fits. LOL

Good. You admit it was a ploy. Now, will Adam and Bruce act like men and be honest?

The problem is that Adam and Bruce have been acting like men and their manhoods and not elected representatives of the people. Talk about wieners, these two put Anthony to shame. Anthony only sexted, these two do hands on, but they are all disgusting immoral behaviors. Let me see, what do they all have in common?

Gadflies don’t have any real power…they’re just annoying.

Democracy is not a rigged vote. The disenfranchisement tactics of the lunatic teabagger brigade are obvious.

It amazes me how CCN continues to be a mouthpiece for Kevin Rice’s personal agenda and manipulation of public opinion. Three articles in two days plus two “secret” photo ambushes in an effort to create a story where there is none.

12 board members, one died and five others inform the board ahead of time as do their respective alternates. The meeting is canceled a day before, not at the last minute. The conspiracy is narrowed down to two people. Sounds more like paranoia that conspiracy.

If these members are truly in the minority, then this is merely a delay. But, if the reality is that some hoped to force through an agenda that did not properly represent the will of the majority and which was thwarted by accident or intent, then the will of the people has been served.

I understand his urgency, since it is very possible his girl friend will be removed from the board but still, a loud mouth with a personnel agenda does not make right.

How many Trib articles have their been now? You’re all wet.

Only the three legitimately gone notified in advance. Hill/Gibson pulled out last minute via secret phone call to Larry Allen. And you can bet he was in on it.

The rest of your rhetoric isn’t worth a reply. No one hoped to do more than vote and no one even knew of any absences ahead of time.

Adam & Bruce are stuck wearing this scandal which they created.