Bank robber arrested in Atascadero

July 25, 2013
Andrew Gilbertson

Andrew Gilbertson

Atascadero police arrested a Paso Robles sex offender for allegedly robbing a Bank of America in San Luis Obispo on Wednesday.

Shortly after noon, Andrew Gilbertson, 38, showed a teller a note demanding money. He then fled the bank with an undisclosed amount of cash.

One of the bank tellers recognized the robber and provided police investigators information that led to Gilbertson’s arrest.

At 3 p.m., Atascadero police located Gilbertson on El Camino Real. A search of his vehicle provided evidence from the bank robbery including cash, the note shown to the teller, and the clothing he was wearing at the time of the robbery.

Giblbertson is listed on the California Megan’s Law sex offender registry as a moderate to high risk offender previously arrested for sexual battery.


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His profile on Megan’s List indicates he is incarcerated. Not so, apparently. I am beginning to wonder when we will realize that sex offenders demonstrate clearly-VERY CLEARLY-that they are not able to restrain themselves from crime in general, nor are they able to function in society without feeling they have a right to prey upon others. Generally, I see a lack of interest in this topic. Why not buy them their own island-ship them there-call ourselves humane for doing it-and rid society of these predators for life?

During my educational endeavors studying psychology, I have attended sex addicts’ 12-step meetings. The majority of these individuals do what they call in the meetings “outer circle behavior”. This entails being on the fringes of relapse (as opposed to inner circle behavior). This includes cruising parks and schools, looking in windows, following women and children home, etc,.

Registered sex offenders have a terrible time finding honest work, what else was he suppose to do instead of robbing? We should all have sympathy and compassion for him.

Just kidding, hang the SOB!

This story is actually about as weird as it gets. This guy was arrested at my friends hair salon and here is the sordid scoop. This guy went to SLO with his parents and asked his father to stop at B of A so that he could make a withdrawal. The parents had no idea that he went in and robbed the bank! Then they stopped in A-Town so the dad and son (bank robber) could get a hair cut on the way home. Then the APD spotted the car parked at the salon and called the owner and asked her how many people were in her shop (there were 5) and they told her not to say anything except to tell the people to all leave immediately and walk to the right when they got outside. The cops and FBI were hiding outside and the robber didn’t want to leave the salon because he and only he knew what was going on, so the owner (a small woman) decided to push him out the door and that’s when all hell broke loose with the guns and screaming. The poor parents, what a shock. The FBI found the money and his clothes in the parents car. The father is a retired LE himself! The parents weren’t arrested.

There’s a homeless registered sex offender in San Luis Obispo, if you see a white converted ups cargo van looking thing with a Honda generator in the back parking on Short street behind Food4less & Trader Joes daily and also parks on 1445 Calle Joaquin near AAA Automobile Club and then he trespasses at night between Mountain Brooke church on Calle Joaquin between Motel 6, the road that heads to KSBY. This guy is a trouble marker but I would caution some of these homeless vehicles parking at night, some of there are registered sex offenders and you can’t trust places if you seen questionable vehicles like this. You don’t know what they will do.

I’m with you, DennySLO. I’d like to know why this guy was in Paso, and why he’s able to sit around and do drugs all day while the government pays for his housing. Disability? Or are we subsidizing someone who is potentially dangerous so he can live here among us? He had his own apartment and car. Does he have relatives in Paso, or did he just choose to live here? We’re lucky he just robbed a bank and didn’t hurt anyone.

If you look at his booking photos, you see a downward spiral just from his appearance.

What the reporting of this story missed is that he was carrying a child’s pink backpack while robbing the bank. I only hope that this is not an indicative sign that there is a young child in his care.

At least now he should get a long long sentence from the Federal branch of the law.