Pepper-spraying former cop wants workers’ comp

July 26, 2013

pike pepperA bullying campus cop who pepper-sprayed protesters at a UC Davis demonstration in 2011 has applied for workers’ compensation, claiming he was psychologically warped by widespread angry reaction to the resulting viral video. (San Francisco Chronicle)

John Pike was a lieutenant on the campus police force at the time of the incident, when a video depiction showed him walking up and down a line of sitting protestors and dousing each in the face with his pepper spray.

Pike’s name, address, and email were posted online after the clash, and he claims to have received more than 27,000 text and email messages, most angry and threatening.

He attends a settlement conference regarding his application Aug. 13, with the state Department of Industrial Relations.

Pike has been forced to move several times, he claims. He was fired eight months after the demonstration.

Via AggieTV

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In reading the linked article, Officer Pike’s home phone number, home address and personal email were all posted online and he received some 17,000 emails, phone calls and deliveries to his home, most all of which were negative. I do wonder what was going through his head while he was pepper spraying those demonstrators; did he not realize that every action can trigger a reaction? Did he think he was going to be “honored” for his actions? He was eventually fired after 8 months of paid leave and now has the brass to try and claim that he was “harmed”; he only has one person that is responsible for what happened afterwards, himself. Take personal responsibility and walk away, please. Perhaps Sheriff Joe in Arizona will hire him ….

I believe he should have been charged with assault under the color of authority; nonetheless, It is illegal to publish the address or phone number of a police officer.

I agree with you; just because he performed an illegal act under the color of authority doesn’t mean he should have had his privacy invaded, but it is something he should have considered before taking the drastic action he did.

You’re absolutely correct, he’s should’ve anticipated the violent nature of democrats and whacked out “progressives”.

Looks like a cop watering his hippie garden….sorry I couldn’t resist. They should of never blocked the side walk. Protest whatever you like but don’t block the pathways of others who could care less what you are chanting about… This clip makes it look bad I agree. But there is a much larger video that shows more…his firing was a political move

Agreed. As usual the media condensed it to their warped view and the uneducated readers lapped it up!!!

“This clip makes it look bad I agree”….it is bad…..most of us could ever do such a thing. Peaceful protests raise awareness, are a great tool for social change…

Agreed. But don’t block a sidewalk or road

Go ahead and destroy the economy, but just don’t block the sidewalks or roads.

No TH, sometimes that’s what you have to do. The “man” isn’t always right. It’s called civil disobedience…..or, one can choose to be a sheep…

As a alumnus of UC Davis, I know exactly where they were on the campus. They were out in the middle of the quad and while they were protesting on the walkway, they were preventing no one from any access on the campus. This cop acted like the pig they most frequently are and now he wants the taxpayers to pick up the tab? Pure BS in my opinion.

Looks like a cop watering his hippie garden


That’s the funniest thing I heard all week. Almost made me forget about Sum Ting Wong!

Good one.

Someone should tell this guy to apply for work in SLO county; this type of warped reasoning is typically rewarded by the SLO county government.

…and he can retire with a PHAT PAYOUT in a couple years to boot! (or to spray…)

If he doesn’t receive his workers’ compensation he should plan a protest sit in on the steps of the state capitol….or, hmmm, on second thought, maybe that’s not such a good idea…

“…claiming he was psychologically warped by widespread angry reaction to the resulting viral video.” No, I’m afraid he was psychologically warped long before that.

Another leech of society.

So, the bully has now become the whiner ’cause he doesn’t like receiving hostile behavior – maybe he should have thought of that when he was being the all-powerful government hostile towards others.

It’s in the Public Servant manifesto. Of course so many public servants say this is an isolated case, so just once I would like to see all those up standing public servants publicly denounce this type of behavior, and demand the officials do not cave in on this type of person, but strangely we never hear them say a word. Why is it, because one day they may need to pull the same stunt.