Robber nabs 18-pack from SLO Circle K

July 1, 2013

Circle K RobberyA man stole an 18-pack of beer from Circle K in San Luis Obispo early Monday morning and then warned a clerk chasing him that he had a gun.

Around 2:20 a.m. on Monday, a Hispanic man in his 20s entered Circle K at 158 Higuera Street, walked directly to the beverage section and grabbed an 18 pack of beer. The man then walked to the front door and ran outside.

The store clerk chased the man with the beer, who stopped and reached toward his waistband while telling the clerk that he had a gun.

The clerk did not report seeing a weapon, but he feared for his safety and returned to the store.

Following the encounter with the clerk, the robber ran to a pick-up truck parked nearby and drove away with the lights out.

San Luis Obispo police say a second suspect may have been waiting in the truck.

Police describe the robber as 5 feet 8 inches tall with a thin build. He was wearing a black t-shirt, red shorts and a black baseball cap.

The police department is asking that anyone with information regarding the identity of the suspect contact the department or Crime Stoppers.



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Beer Run


That was some expensive beer! This punk facing a serious felony for what, some beer? What a dumbass! His chance of becoming a productive member of society has just been reduced 10 fold. stuuuuupid.


No tatts? That’s unique.




Stupid cap Check

Distended lower lip Check

Vacuous Expression Check

Stupid shirt Check

This will surely inspire the democrats to lower the voting age to 17.

Sarah Bellum

Don’t be silly. He’s obviously a libertarian activist against liquor regulations.


Hey…I resemble that remark…lol.

Sarah Bellum

Just as long as you don’t resemble the suspect ;^)




The “stupid quotient” as delineated by Republicans . HAHAHAHAHAHA

Your own clown car is overflowing, so the projection is anticipated.

I say, as Robert F. Kennedy …let’s lower the voting age to ten.


Has anyone else noticed that the survellance cameras in 7-11s are far better than the ones in the banks. If 7-11 invests in these high resolution survellance videos then why dont the banks?


Good thought on the camera ! But….. remember that He had to steal it ! The last I heard, You can-not sell alcohol beverages after 2:00 A.M. in bars, or stores. Which brings up the point…. just why does any store stay open 24 hours a day ?


WE (you and I) insure the bank’s losses; 7-11 not so much. It is the public insurance VS private. Who cares about public money, right? Why invest in good equipment if the losses are covered?


Smile DUMBASS, your on Candid Camera!!


you must mean you’re (so who is the dumb one)?


Yea you should tell my friend. He has horrible grammar and yet a 170+ IQ. Go figure huh. Guess your correlation is WRONG!!!

Spirit Filled

My daughter’s iq was measured at 165 when she was very young, grammar school, I think. She has never misspelled a word. She was hell to raise but she could spell good.

Too bad missing a letter or two means nothing. Only you wannabee teachers. Try working on yourself will you?

Blessings especially to the bad spellers among us, like me.


Call the NSA, they know who it is.


No they’re too busy watching us…lol