Park rangers enter Oceano campground in riot gear

July 6, 2013

off-roadOceano State Park rangers entered the North Beach campgrounds in riot gear to keep from getting hit with residue as they confiscated illegal fireworks. [KCOY]

Both Cal Fire and California State Parks employees are out in full force collecting illegal fireworks through the weekend. Cal Fire has confiscated about 200 pounds of fireworks so far.

All types of fireworks are illegal in San Luis Obispo County.

Park rangers are concerned the illegal fireworks can start fires and endanger animals in their natural habitat.


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But it said “Safe and Sane” on the box!! All those darn deadly sparklers, could have poked an eye out!

Looks like we are in the minority mkaney. This is what Californians want. Californians banned Pre-bans, Post-bans, 50 Cal, and steps away from banning 50% of the ammo and just about all rifles but bolt-action. They think their ‘voice’ alone is all they will ever need…..they don’t realize their voice can quickly be stamped out and steam rolled by a government.

I know, I know, I’m being silly and stupid. But it always starts somewhere….just ask those in Oceano who were left without fireworks no matter what they voiced, believe in, or thought.

I don’t think you’re being silly.. but I don’t think this is what Californians, nor Americans in general, want. But what they want less is any hassle or any chance of their fragile financial condition being threatened, so they just go along with it and their brain subconsciously finds a way to rationalize it.

We cannot tolerate a militarized police force in this community, even if they are supposedly doing this for our “safety.” It is not brain surgery to understand what the ultimate outcome of government practices such as this are, just pick up any history book.

yep another legacy from Ronald Reagan

do you even READ your link’s contents? lol

Geez…How about ‘rocket science’, or ‘bridge building’, or ‘grade school math’ for metaphors ?

Most of the numbwads around here …and in the land of STUPID ( 90% of the USA ) would not be upset enough to get off of their Lazy-Boys to protest unless their contingent of beer were curtailed and the sports channels deleted from the cable !

Probably not even then.

They’ve accepted half-slave status at best from the 1%, and are content to live …and work until death for the privilege..

I could call them something else in vernacular, but would not meet the criteria for civil response.

So, instead i say they they are spineless cowards…shadow men afraid of their own almost worthless existence.

I think that it is partly due to DEBT. We have such a debt-based society now that everyone is afraid of any kind of disruption in their lives because it translates to utter ruin.

all this stuff used to be “harmless”. i can remember my Dad showing us how to use then “correctly”. people do tend to get a little out of hand. my best memoryies are Balboa Island with Dad and when my newborn son finally slept thru the night. Wife and I got to have a cocktail and shoot off a few.