Two cities spurn grand jury report

July 31, 2013

A recent San Luis Obispo County Grand Jury report is being criticized by officials of two South County cities, claiming the report incorporates  numerous errors and did not take into account efforts to consolidate. (Santa Maria Times)

The report chastised the lack of a coordinated emergency dispatch system by Arroyo Grande and Grover Beach. Officials of both cities said there is no danger to citizens because of the problems.

Consolidation of services would result in significant cost savings to both cities, the grand jury reported, and city officials have no problem with the finding.

“All of the reviews completed thus far indicate there would be a limited amount of savings resulting from the consolidation of Grover Beach and Arroyo Grande dispatch centers,” Grover Beach said in its response to the report.

“The actual amount of savings would vary, depending on which agency hosted the consolidation. Studies completed thus far do not indicate a significant future cost savings to either agency.”

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The SLO County Grand Jury is irrelevant. It has no enforcement power and is virtually ignored by the

BOS. Just gives some old folks with time on their hands something to do.

The two cities should merge and all services consolidated with one finance department, one planning department, one parks department, one police department, and so forth. It is a waste of money to have so many departments and employees for small cities.

Consolidation should have occurred years ago. It simply makes the most sense. I understand that some employees would be reassigned initially and that will be difficult, but it would be best for both cities in the long run, as well as employees who would likely find more opportunities after the consolidation.

Unions hard at work!!! Arroyo wants a new Police Dept. Grover’s is too small, they could consolidate and coordinate the two depts. and provide serve to both communities and yes, save the taxpayers money. Shut them down and bring in the Sheriff’s Dept. that will resolve many problems on so many levels. Days of luxury are over!

Why will this never happen, because it would require only one Chief of Police, in fact only one in many administration positions and put several on the public dole into the real world.

…And the cascade to lawless, libertarian ‘freedom’ slides on !

Yeah, your “real world” of survival of the fittest sounds like a gem of a utopia.

Glad I got my peacemaker already.