Action needed on climate: poll

August 1, 2013

Fracking_Graphic_t670Budget concerns do not deter Californians when it comes to environmental issues like global warming and its causes.

A recent poll by the Public Policy Institute of California shows that residents of the Golden State think it is time now for meaningful solutions and action, and a shaky economy is not an acceptable reason for delay.

A record-high majority of 65 percent of registered voters agree that reduction of greenhouse gases must occur in a timely manner, and a thin majority of those polled favor construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

But fracking — the practice of injecting water into the ground to “mine” natural gas and oil — is disliked by a wide margin of those polled. Offshore oil drilling also gets a thumbs-down.

Not surprisingly, Californians also enthusiastically endorse hybrid automobiles, alternative commute methods, and new energy sources.

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We don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Wind, solar, wave technology, and tidewater hydro generation are all available now.

Morro Bay in particular would be ideal for this last project …just like in the Netherlands, but on a smaller scale.

Guess what ? These clean, green initiatives would also create non-outsourceable JOBS; both in construction and maintenance.

We also don’t need monster trucks or SUV’s to drive to the grocery store.

The only thing preventing sensible progress is the oil lobby, their mega billionaires, and the millions of mindless, bleating sheep that are their expendable wall of protection .

When the environment becomes unsustainable…unsurvivable; the carbon guzzilionaires will move, if they haven’t already.

The sheep ? Not so fortunate.

Wind: Scores of protected Golden Eagles are being killed every year.

Solar: NIMBY And then only if you can get it past the environ mentalists:

Wave : You may be on to something there, but only if you can get it past the NIMBYs.

Outsourcing: Never say non outsourceable be

There are innovative wind power devices that do not involve the huge props that endanger birds.

Solar can and should be done on tops of roofs. The panels can be hidden or camo’ed, and eventually the NIMBY’s will accept them …especially if they save $$$.

This is the way of progress: the NIMBY’s become YIMBY’s.

It all comes down to whether people can adapt, or not.

Those that do adapt….survive.

Those that don’t…dissappear.


panels on the roof of your own place are probably where it has to end up. any large project will p.o. too many people. my outdoor lighting is already solar, next move is to start charging a battery bank and after that the roof and sell back. of course the utility will want to split billing and charge you exorbitantly just for the hookup.

i’m a primitive camper but you can also pretend you’re living on a boat. this IS the revolution

I agree with mandatory solar panels on all new construction, with very few exceptions.

I am also intrigued by the portable solar panels. That is the panels that are built on semi flat bed trailers. Better than the portable nuke plants being proposed.

I will have to look into the wind power without huge props thing.

Al Gore uses produces more CO2 in a day than I produce in a year. If it was truly an imminent threat wouldn’t he stop jetting around the world?

@shelworth Amen, One of his jet trips across US used more energy than I use all year. An inconvenient truth indeed. But then again everyone knows that liberals are exempt from their own theories!