Daring rescue in Paso Robles

August 2, 2013
Credit:Daniel Schwen, Wikimedia

Credit:Daniel Schwen, Wikimedia

Paso Robles firefighters saved a teen trapped in a burning car on Thursday.

At about 10 p.m., firefighters arrived at the intersection of South River and Charlois roads to find a vehicle on fire, multiple electric lines down on the car and a 16-year-old trapped inside screaming for help.

The first arriving fire engine captain elected to begin extinguishing the fire and extracting the driver, in spite of the hazard to firefighters. Crews worked for ten minutes to free the driver.

Emergency medical personnel then transported the teen to Sierra Vista Hospital because of the nature and severity of his injuries.

It took approximately 15 minutes for PG&E technicians to arrive and cut the power lines. Power to the area is expected to be out for at least twelve hours.


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WOW, interesting rescue. I wonder how they contained those power lines so they could get to the driver. They must have some sort of long gripper pole that they control the power lines with and then contain them so that they can make contact with the vehicle? Good job guys, I’m impressed.

Not sure about this but I think that their basic emergency gear (clothing) is designed to prevent them from becoming a ground for the electricity so that they don’t have to move the lines at all.. Again someone correct me if I’m wrong but if the driver is still alive then the power lines probably couldn’t be making a live connection to the car at that moment. It would be safer to then just pull the driver from the vehicle, than to actually move the lines which could possibly then connect to the vehicle and send a current through.

If anyone is actually informed on this please fill me in. I’m curious if my presumptions are even close to reality lol