Hill calls Grover Beach mayor a disgrace

August 5, 2013
Adam Hill

Adam Hill


EDITOR’S NOTE: See San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill’s email to the Grover Beach City Council at the bottom of this story.

In a recent email to members of the Grover Beach City Council, County Supervisor Adam Hill called Mayor Debbie Peterson “a disgrace to our community” and says he now has police protection because of death threats.

The email, dated July 26, was sent to all council members via the general email address “gbadmin@grover.org.” City Manager Robert Perrault then requested that electronic copies be forwarded to Peterson, as well as council members Karen Bright, Jeff Lee, Glenn Marshall, and William Nicolls.

In addition to his comments about the mayor, Hill, whose supervisorial district includes Grover Beach, attempted to explain away his absence from the July 23 scheduled meeting of the Air Pollution Control District (APCD) Board. Hill and fellow county supervisor Bruce Gibson informed APCD officials earlier that week that they would be unable to attend the meeting for unspecified reasons. Hill was later photographed having coffee in San Luis Obispo with Arroyo Grande city councilwoman Caren Ray when the APCD meeting would have been taking place.

“My absence at the APCD meeting was precipitated by the illness of my fiance’s 11-year-old daughter (Sage). This occurred Monday morning while she was at camp and her mother (Dee) is in DC.” Hill has been dating Dee Torres of CAPSLO Homeless Services and Torres was away in Washington, D.C at the time.

Hill also used the email to accuse community activist Kevin P. Rice of stalking.

“On Wednesday morning at 8 a.m., Kevin P. Rice was parked outside my house,” Hill wrote in the email. “He then followed me as I took Sage to the doctor. After that, he followed me as I dropped another daughter off at day camp. Then he followed me as I met for coffee with AG City Councilwoman Caren Ray, and later followed me again as I returned to take care of Sage.”

Hill went on to call Rice “your mayor’s sidekick” and indicated that he will seek a restraining order again Rice.

“It should appall you that I have to live with death threats and stalking as it appalls me, and frightens my family,” Hill wrote in his email. He did not elaborate on the threats he has been receiving.

However, Rice said he did not follow Hill throughout the morning and just happened to be at a kitchen store across from the coffee shop where Hill met Ray. In addition, a CalCoastNews reporter met with Rice during the morning hours during a time Hill claims he was being followed.

Rice dismissed Hill’s comments as “utter fabrications” made in an attempt to turn the Grover Beach Council against Peterson, who is serving her first term as mayor. Peterson is also the Grover Beach representative on the APCD board.

“Like San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, Hill’s harassment and abuse will only be stopped when the targets of his harassment speak out publicly,” Rice added.

The bad blood between Hill and Peterson stems primarily from the on-going debate over the so-called “dust rule” which calls for more stringent fines and regulations regarding dust emissions in the popular Oceano Dunes, a cause long championed by Hill.

Peterson has been questioning both the science and the economic impact of the changes, passed in 2011, and is trying to repeal the dust rule. Both Hill and Gibson argue that Peterson should follow the APCD staff’s recommendations.

The issue was scheduled to be addressed at the July APCD meeting.

Critics suggest that Hill and Gibson, both of whom were photographed at various public events that day, decided not to attend the meeting in order to prevent a quorum because they lacked the needed votes to block the repeal.

The Grover Beach City Council is scheduled to meet Monday, August 5, at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall. Peterson has come under criticism from fellow council members for taking up the dust rule issue without consulting them. There is a possibility that council members will decide Monday to replace Peterson on the APCD board, a move believed to have the blessing of Hill.

Over the weekend, both Hill and Gibson contacted Grover Beach Council members asking them to vote to replace Peterson on the APCD Board. Several opponents of Hill and Gibson’s alleged “strong-arm tactics” contend that Grover Beach City Council members Jeff Lee and Glen Marshall have a perceived conflict of interest because they are also San Luis Obispo County public works employees who may have difficulty voted against their bosses wishes.

In his email, however, Hill said he didn’t care what the city council decided to do.

“Frankly, I don’t care what you do about her anymore,” Hill wrote, referring to Peterson. “If you want to keep her on the APCD Board she will continue to embarrass the city, and most likely get the county sued. She has alienated me entirely, and I find her a disgrace to our community.”


Hill’s email

“From: Adam Hill

“Sent: Friday, July 26, 2013 10:49 AM

“Subject: from Adam

“Council Members,

“There has been another cycle of misinformation so a quick correction is in order.

“My absence at the APCD meeting was precipitated by the illness of my fiancé’s 11 year old daughter. (Sage) This occurred Monday morning while she was at camp and her mother (Dee) is in DC.

“On Wednesday morning at 8am, Kevin P Rice was parked outside my house.

“He then followed me as I took Sage to the doctor. After that, he followed me as I dropped another daughter off at day camp. Then he followed me as I met for coffee with AG City Councilwoman Caren Ray, and later followed me again as I returned to take care of Sage.

“This stalking by Mr. Rice, who you know as your Mayor’s sidekick, is actually legal. Nonetheless, I contacted the Sheriff and the SLOPD and I now have police protection. I will next have to seek a restraining order against Mr. Rice.

“This is how ugly and dangerous this nonsense about a non-issue stirred up by your Mayor has gotten. It should appall you that I have to live with death threats and stalking as it appalls me, and frightens my family.

“Frankly, I don’t care what you do about her anymore. If you want to keep her on the APCD Board she will continue to embarrass the city, and most likely get the county sued. She has alienated me entirely, and I find her a disgrace to our community.





Is Hill’s only defender the total DCC sellout guy here? I mean, I expect opposing political ideologues to not like him, but many people who Hill is supposedly ideologically aligned with also dislike him with vengeance.

Hill is to democrats what Maldonado is to republicans, I think.


You might be right and both just need to go away.


Perhaps the Supervisor and the person you are referring to are one and the same person.


What Hill is has nothing to do with the DCC. Hill would be a doofus no matter what political party alliances he had.

Kevin Rice

Nothing? Hill is a member of the DCC.


Since Mr. Hill did not get his way does this mean he and Mr. Gibson will again be a no-show at the next APCD meeting? I wonder which coffee shop Mr. Hill will be at during that meeting? Maybe we can start a pool?


We could only hope that both of them stay away. Unfortunately, that won’t happen…


….and with which new woman! (are these women desperate or what?)


Here is what is going on:

Debbie Peterson is auditioning to get COLAB lobbyist funding for a run for Supervisor and be the South County version of COLAB pawn Debbie Arnold, a virtual employee of Mike Brown and Andy Caldwell. To get the part Peterson has to prove herself malleable, cooperative and staunchly anti-environmentalist and follow the scripts presented by Brown. and Caldwell.

If she plays the part well, she gets the money and gets Brown and Caldwell telling her what to do and when to do it. This evening at the GB council meeting was a big night for her, giving her a chance to show how well she holds up when under pressure and how well she can tow the line. Debbie Arnold was there giving her moral support.

She seems to be doing well enough to get the part.

Kevin Rice, on the other hand, will be used by COLAB, and vice-versa, but he will never get the part. Mike Brown is far too wise to allow that. But he will play Rice as best he can, being ever so careful not to be associated too closely with such a loose cannon. And Rice doesn’t need the money, any how.


I suppose it could be all that, or it could be that she has a different viewpoint than yours and your throwing crap around hoping something will stick.

She’ll get my support just because she scares people like you.


Racket, that is a very poor reason to support someone. Sad.

Kevin Rice

Face it. Hill got out maneuvered. The lies and propaganda from you and Hill failed.


Kevin, you continually claim I “lie” in my postings. And yet I continually ask you to specify what it is that I have lied about and to quote my so-called “lie” verbatim. But you have yet to ever do so. You claim I lie but never say exactly what it is that you consider a “lie”.

Kevin Rice

I have pointed it out numerous times. Your inability to discern or desire to simply be contrary is your shortcoming. Stop with the propaganda, gossip and lies already. Join productive debate.


But what is the “lie” you keep referring to?

I don’t lie. If I’ve written something that isn’t true, please copy and paste it here and if you are correct, I will admit, clarify and/or apologize.


“It’a shame that he’s so totally suckered folks at Cal Coast News and Dave Congalton who coddle him and facilitate his two-faced schemes. Dave should know better by now, but I guess he’s in it so deep now he isn’t willing to admit that he’s been played like a pawn. He’ll see the truth eventually but he may never admit it publicly.”

Where is the proof? This is a LIE…


The GB Council meeting is over. After much delay, opening Council member comments, and many public comments ( very few from any actual Grover Beach residents ), the council voted 3-2 to not make any changes concerning the APCD board member from GB….Nicolls and Lee voting for a change.

Bright stated that although the overwhelming number of Grover residents she talked with urged her to make a change, she believed that Peterson would mend her ways and be open to all viewpoints while serving on the APCD board. ( Peterson did make comments to that effect ).

Marshall voted with Bright, and gosh…Peterson voted for herself. Whooda thunk ?

Adam Hill was not there. Bruce Gibson was not there.

Debbie Arnold WAS there, as was Mike Brown and about two dozen COLAB agitators… and the ubiquitous Kevin Rice.

Oh, the big three ALL spoke, along with about half of their peanut gallery.

None were from Grover Beach.


Debbie Arnold showed herself once again to be a virtual employee of lobbyist Mike Brown. OLAB has become an extremist, anti-environmentalist cult, orchestrated to make Andy Caldwell and Mike Brown multi-millionaires through the time honored tradition of fear-mongering and maliciously denigrating public officials and stirring up anti-government sentiment to the point it could lead to bloodshed.


Bright is a fool if she thinks Peterson will change her ways. Peterson is like the Adam Hill of the GB City Council.

This will come back to bite Bright in her a$$.


The bite can’t be any worse than the one received from putting Mr. Nicolls on the council.



Once again you bring disgrace to the Malone name.

Do you know Debbie Peterson and Karen Bright very well?

Were you at the city council meeting last night and the meeting before that and the meeting before that?

Yes, Debbie Peterson was over zealous in her approach to an issue she felt strongly about and has now seen the errors of her ways and will be better for it in the future. I would rather see a person on a county board question things as opposed to the rubber stamp demeanor of most elected officials. And I thought you were a like wise thinker. And if Mayor Peterson does not represent the Grover Beach and the County in a manner deemed appropriate then she will be voted off the APCD board in a heartbeat.

I take strong exception to your comment about Bright’s a$$. Your incessant diatribe of innuendo only serves to discredit the intelligence that you think you have and only further proves, that at times, you don’t know your a$$ from a hole in the ground.

And if Peterson is the Hill of the GB council then YOU are the Michelle Bachman of the Tea Party!

Maybe it is time to for you to change your name to MaryBologna.


Maybe it is time for you to stick to politics and quit using ad hominem attacks to try to cover up the fact you cannot make a logical argument.


Mary Bologna…

And calling Bright a FOOL and talking about her a$$ is sticking to politics?


Unless you are Ms. Peterson, then it is not her opinion that I am challenging.

In addition, Peterson’s sneaking around and launching her petition without first getting the city council’s input was JUST like something Adam Hill would do.

Kevin Rice

Except that she never sneaked around (it was well-publicized), it wasn’t her petition (a citizen group asked for help), and she absolutely positively does not need council permission to have a personal opinion.


Hmmmm…. Debbie Arnold, Mike Brown, and Kevin Rice don’t live in Grover Beach, either. They don’t come from nearby communities directly affected by airborne particulate from the dunes.

Would they be allied by business and political interests ?

We don’t know what, if any, behind the scenes communiques or other conversations they may have had between themselves, or with individuals on the GB council.

What was obvious at the meeting, was that organised carpetbaggery through COLAB and/or their agents, exists.

Kevin Rice

Don’t forget about the carpet baggers opposing the mayor! Not a single one of them was from Grover!

Kevin Rice


Kevin Rice

Seastrand is a Grover resident. So is Linda McClure. So is the former mayor. There were others.


Who gives a rat’s a$$ where they were from? This wasn’t a vote to keep or boot her off the City Council, but a vote to keep or boot her off a County Agency whose policies have far reaching implications in all of our lives.

This agency, much like the Coastal Commission is the Judge, Jury and Executioner for a number of policies that cost every taxpayer in the County many dollars, not to mention businesses and government agencies alike.

Therefore if someone in Paso Robles feels that their attendance at a Grover Beach City Council meeting could make a difference in their personal lives, by all means, come visit my little City by the sea – and those who ridicule them for exercising their right to be heard can go-to-hell.


Adam Hill: Diagnosis—– Paranoia with Delusions of Grandeur. What more does this guy have to do to be found unfit for office. If he’s not mentally ill then he’s under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or maybe just a schoolyard bully who never grew up. He really is and embarrassment, along with his buddy Gibson, to all the decent, taxpaying citizens in San Luis Obispo County. He has forgotten how to listen. Just how much more damage does he have to do to the governance of this county before he is recalled or, at the very least, censured? What a poor example for our young people!


My kids think this crap is normal……based on what goes on in congress, we are par for the political course. I am not so cynical as to believe that all politicians are crooks…..it’s just that the crooks seem to draw the attention energetically, like mr. hill. If we the people can’t change the tide of corruption, it may be time to move on…..we are losing our youth because they are too smart to fool.


Be anti-Adam Hill all you want, but if you condone what Kevin P. Rice has done, is doing and will do, you are making a huge mistake if you care about the well-being of the community or even the well-being of Kevin Rice. What he is doing to Adam Hill is only the tip of the iceberg. Adam Hill has every right and plenty of reason to be concerned for the well-being of himself and his loved ones and it is not unreasonable to alert law enforcement.

I myself have been the victim of Rice’s malicious shenanigans and lies and I will never trust him about anything.

Rice’s antics are better documented elsewhere and anyone who truly cares about fairness would be well served by searching out more information.

To express it at the most basic: Two wrongs don’t make a right.


So just how bad is Kevin Rice going to hurt the community, and how is he going to manage that, Hill and Gibson manage to make themselves and the county look bad but they seem to keep moving right along.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with Rice being in the same public place that Adam Hill is in.

And, please, don’t tell me how concerned Hill is about his loved ones!

He used his fiancee’s child as a shield to deflect the backlash when the public found out that Hill, after refusing to attend the APCD meeting, was seen out having coffee with Caren Ray.

To make it worse, Hill claimed the child was sick, and he had to take her to the doctor. But the reality is, the child’s illness was bad enough for Hill to be unable to attend the APCD meeting, but not bad enough for him to have coffee with Caren Ray.

Anyone who uses a child to shield themselves from anything is a coward, and that includes Adam Hill.


MISDIRECTION AT IT’S BEST! adam hill has brought all of this on himself and, if man enough (which he hasn’t shown as yet) will take responsibility for all that he is experiencing. adam has cheated on his family, cheated his neighbors and undoubtedly cheated on the people in his district that don’t agree with his thoughts on “how things should be”. Not a lot of wisdom in your post there WisrGuy (or adam if that is you)


Same old SLO politics…..different day.

Jefferson once said…Whenever a man has cast a longing eye on offices, a rottenness begins in his conduct.

Truer words never spoken.


Benghazi mayor calls Hill a Pussy


The pre-uprising mayor was a woman, “Huda Ben Amer, she is remembered in Benghazi by her saying “we don’t need talking, we need hangings”—earned her the enduring loathing of the people of Benghazi and the nickname Huda Al-Shannaga—”Huda the Executioner”. ”

So yes, she does (from prison, if she is still alive).



Adam Hill is a tool. Period. If the guy would spend a few moments actually doing his job instead of attacking every person who comes across his path with an opposing opinion, we might have a functioning board of supervisors. I have never seen a bigger crybaby when things don’t go his way. Add to this the fraud, the abuse of power, and the bullying. And our tax dollars pay for this weasel. ….. Yesterday, I was driving home and saw a plastic bag on the side of the road and thought of him. Tool….


What is the most absurd part of this whole deal is the email Adam Hill sent, in which he–of all people!–attempts to take the high ground, painting himself as a poor victim, when the whole mess is of his own creation.

If the county was smart, they would take away his email account and perhaps even his computer. He really cannot be trusted with them, because so frequently when he uses them he makes a complete fool out of himself, the BOS, and the county.