Supreme Court refuses to halt pending prisoner releases

August 5, 2013

prisonsThe U.S. Supreme Court refused Friday to halt the pending release of nearly 10,000 California inmates by years end to deal with unconstitutional prison conditions caused by overcrowding. [CNN]

The court voted 6-3 Friday to reject a plea from Gov. Jerry Brown for an injunction to delay implementation of the order from 2011 that the state most cut its inmate population. Brown argued that releasing the inmates will increase crime rates.

Justices Samuel Alito, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas voted to grant the state’s request.

In 2011, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed that California’s medical and mental health care for inmates fell below a constitutional level of care and that the only way to meet the requirement was by reducing prison crowding.



Put them on a bus and send them to Nevada!


how about those 72,000 small time pot offenders in the other article? Let’s start with them.


Bullets and home protection!


Non-violent offenders, particularly those convicted under the ‘third strike rule’ should be the first to be paroled.

Yes, any released will still be under supervision while on parole.

The ‘third strike rule’ should be unconstitutional, because it can be ‘cruel and unusual’ in that the punishment may not fit the crime or the sentencing guidelines for that last offense.

Until that time, the Califonia Penal System is not a ‘correctional facility’, but a vengeance institution.


And what type of supervision would you suggest for the parole? Read the stories on line about how they cut them off as soon as parole and know one cares. Does also mean that we will be laying off guards and other support staff? Send them to Arizona, Sheriff Joe will take care of them!


Arpaio is a fascist and arguably a racist that might soon be in the crowbar hotel himself.

10,000 at the least of California’s incarcerated WILL be released. This, with the agreement of Justice Kennedy and Chief Justice Roberts.

It costs $60,000 a year, minimum, per prisoner, to confine them.

At 10,000 less, that equates to $600 million deducted from the prison industry.

Take one tenth of that and hire more parole officers, and a few more cops.

Nordic critic

Three strikes are the truest indication of a habitual criminal. That’s three felonies. And there are no distinctions between violent and non-violent strikes. Your disdain for the penal system is transparent. You and yours should have moved to NV after that second strike..


Let’s make sure they are returned to the county where they were sentenced and not just released to where their spouses move “because its nice–not because they have a job”. In other words, just because a spouse moves from LA to Grover Beach, don’t send the criminal to Grover Beach. This is an old trick, and this county is the butt of the joke.