Low-level pot arrests down

August 5, 2013

little-boy-arrestedMisdemeanor marijuana arrests in California have fallen sharply during the last five years after lawmakers decided that possession of a small amount of the weed would be considered an infraction. (Sacramento Bee)

In 2007, more than 133,000 Californians were arrested for misdemeanor pot possession, compared to only 72,000 last year.

Under the new rules, possession of up to an ounce of marijuana for non medical purposes was reduced, punishable by a $100 fine. Before the law took effect, law enforcement officials were making an average of 150 criminal arrests a day.

Felony arrests also were down through 2012, by 15 percent, state Department of Justice data shows.

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Yeah, make it all legal… but if you mess up and are high (or drunk): double or triple the sentencing.

So if you’re a scumbag at home abusing your kids while high (i.e. not feeding, bathing, etc.) then you get a triple-sentence than a sober scumbag at home… that’s a start.

Everyone has a prescription….

Funny choice of pictures to cover this story. The kid bound and gagged looks about 9 yrs. old. I didn’t know we were arresting little children for pot infractions. That’s what is driving the cost up!

God Bless.

I’ve seen that kid before… I was at the beach when a panga boat sped by. I looked over and saw that kid’s backside. Let hand it to local law enforcement for continuing to keeping us safe.

Well, it is not Elián González… :/

Ever notice how so many of the same people that talk about how our soldiers have fought for our freedom also support prohibition. America has the market cornered on cognitive dissonance.

cutting your nose off to spite your face as I see it


Waste of time and money chasing after personal pot users.