Paso Robles seeking to combat prostitution

August 6, 2013

massagePaso Robles City Council will look at a proposal on Tuesday to further regulate massage parlors in an attempt to combat prostitution.

For years, residents have complained that several of the city’s massage parlors are fronts for organized prostitution. These complaints led to a sweep of nine massage parlors in 2012.

However, even though officers discovered employees illegally living on the premises, lacey negligees, hand sanitizer, baby oil and mouth wash, they found no one in the act of prostitution. No one was cited.

Last year, the Paso Robles Police Department asked the City Council to pass new rules giving the department the tools it needs to battle massage parlor prostitution. The tools suggested included appropriate attire, new massage parlor fees to be spent on inspections and required background checks.

But massage parlor owners fought back claiming legal parlors were being unfairly targeted.

At Tuesday’s meeting a compromise will be discussed. The suggested new rules include dropping the business inspection fee, less stringent requirements and no additional rules for therapists licensed through the state. If the rules are passed, non-certified therapists will be required to pay for background checks and fingerprinting.


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Everybody knows that Jim App and Burton are prostitutes of the highest bidders. When are the crooks in city hall going to be arrested for prostitution?

Okay that’s it!…why didn’t anyone tell me about this? lol

Then you have the Mid State Fair commission in Paso Robles, they hire illegal immigrants to clean the bathrooms and pickup trash, hired by the Paso Robles Mid State Fair communication, don’t see a thing done about it. On the message parlor’s that’s basically illegal consider on how they give the messages and also illegal immigrants working or running them. There less of a treat considering other businesses are doing illegally in my view. I never used one, nor do I plan too.

LOL. Yeah those darn “message parlor’s” sure are less of a treat than the massage parlors that are “doing illegally”, Bubba.

MEMORANDUM FOR: Paso Robles City Council

SUBJECT: Parlor Politics

You should put your own house in order before you start addressing alleged parlor prostitution.

Citizens of Paso

What about the violent criminals who are being aided and abetted by App and Burton? The crooks in city hall are the biggest prostitutes in North County.

Prostitution and exploiting female immigrants is not good for our communities and that is what these facilities do.

It’s not just illegal aliens that get caught up in this stuff. Drug addicts and teenage runaways are targeted, too.

I find the proposed stringent regulations so very HYPOCRITICAL given how Paso government acted like OSTRICH’S with their head on the sand over the Solomon fiasco!

They aren’t much concerned by high end hookers.

Technically it wasn’t prostitution because Solomon provided her rub and tugs for free.

A 80K++ job is what was often at stake. I wouldn’t exactly call that “free”.

Okay, let’s change the subject and talk about Jim App. I am so fed up with the conditions of the streets in PR not to mention landscape maintenance, exponentially increasing water and sewer rates, etc. Complete and utter disregard for anything remotely related to maintenance infrastructure. This city has taken serious steps back under the Jim App administration. That being said, I can assure you that his pension is $200K/year pension is fully funded and that his vacation/sick leave accrual will cost the city well into six figures upon his retirement. I am fed up with this city manager, his ineptitude and self serving interests.

App apologizes for violent criminals. Burton does his dirty work. Both are being paid off by Paso’s drug gangs.

You might think of it differently if you believed that young girls, under the age of 18, are being recruited to be part of the menu of offerings. Not that there is an acceptability that goes with the “consenting adults” arguement, but young girls are being exploited in these places. If there was one next door, you would want the PD to do something. Guess what, they are next door, and you don’t even know it.


“Guess what, they are next door, and you don’t even know it.”

Uh, how would you know this alleged fact if you didn’t participate?

Ted knows. He participated.

How is the presence of hand sanitizer incriminating?

It’s Paso. No legitimate person uses hand sanitizer there.

Why do you care? WHAT gives ANY OF YOU the right to charge for inspections, determine clothing etc. You’re paying someone to touch you. it’s like i’m watching the Taliban invade the coast. Really? is this the same crowd that wants to ban saggy pants? Maybe skirts should be longer too and heaven forbid.. shorts on a girl.