Taxes drive driving costs

August 26, 2013

drivingCalifornians drive fewer miles than the national average, but only in Georgia is it more expensive to put pedal to the metal. (Bankrate)

That’s because of taxes, which should surprise few.

Drivers in this state pay an average of $1,809  in taxes and related fees, according to a detailed report by, a Florida-based consumer financial services company.

That works out to an annual total cost of $3,966 for residents who drive in the Golden State, while nationally the average is $3,201. Georgians outspend all others for their annual automobile use, forking over $4,233 for the privilege.

Gasoline costs average $980 here, however, lower than the average $1,028.

And drivers log 8,600 miles a year in California, 9,600 elsewhere.

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Very interesting article because everyone knows that California is one of the most expensive places to live. A true reflection on costs would be to look at what the tax rates are for everyday living in other states. What are the comparisons for income tax, property tax, sales tax and the fees that are placed upon people for their everyday living expenses.

Then ask why are Californians fleeing to other states to relocate their residences and businesses? It’s not due to cheap gas I bet.

Maybe they’re leaving because they don’t like the sunshine, and prefer the stale humid air of cheaper places like Georgia. Really, have you ever been to Georgia? I’d gladly pay a bit more tax not to live there.

WHOA, WHOA, WHOA!!! Gasoline costs here are lower than average? Are we talking dollars because we know CA. pays about the most? Are we talking about the fact that other states drive more? Yea they might but if we pay .70-1.00 more than I would think that averages out.

I DON’T SEE how this makes it sound like CA. isn’t doing so bad. Just read yesterday in Triple A’s Westway Mag. that CA. pays about .70 in TAXES on every gallon of gas purchased.

I like in the Bankrate chart how they use muffler repairs as the benchmark. SERIOUSLY when is the last time anyone has repaired a muffler here!!? I started driving in ’82, have usually driven used cars and have NEVER had to have a muffler repair. And this is CA. with smog check, so a person can’t say, well you just didn’t notice. This isn’t the sixties and seventies anymore. Mufflers don’t break down like they use to.

It would be interesting to know the time spent behind the wheel too. The real cost should include time behind the wheel to better understand traffic flow as funded by each state.

Yeah, like how airplanes have the TIME measured (time gauge) for how long the engine is on, rather than miles flown. It all comes down to wear on the engine (and other components) so “time running” is a better metric, I think. Of course, if one is commuting long distance on an even freeway vs. a lot of stop-and-go… then it might be trickier.