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Gasoline consumption on the rise

After eight years of declining consumption, California’s gasoline purchasing rose 0.9 percent during fiscal year 2013-14, offering another sign of an improving economy, according to data released by the California State Board of Equalization (BOE) Tuesday. “Gasoline consumption increased for... (Continue reading)

Gas prices slated to drop 40 cents a gallon

Gas prices are expected to drop between 40 to 45 cents a gallon by the end of October, according to analysts. During the past decade, prices have dropped during this period an average of 23 cents a gallon. [MercuryNews] However,... (Continue reading)

Taxes drive driving costs

Californians drive fewer miles than the national average, but only in Georgia is it more expensive to put pedal to the metal. (Bankrate) That’s because of taxes, which should surprise few. Drivers in this state pay an average of $1,809 ... (Continue reading)

California gas tax hike takes effect

Californians will pay an extra 3.5 cents per gallon of gas beginning Monday. [Mercury News] The 3.5-cent gas tax increase gives California the highest gas tax in the nation at nearly 72 cents per gallon. Drivers who travel 15,000 miles... (Continue reading)

Here comes $5 per gallon gas

As gasoline prices continue to increase, some experts are predicting the price could shoot up to $5 per gallon before the worst is over. [LA Daily News] The average price of a gallon of self-serve regular rose Monday for the... (Continue reading)