California considering non-physician abortions

September 16, 2013

medWomen who want abortions in California may soon not need the assistance of a doctor. [Townhall]

Nurse practitioners, midwives and physician assistants will join in the act of performing abortions if Governor Jerry Brown signs AB 154.

The bill, which passed the legislature last week, would allow nurses, midwives and physician assistants to perform both medical abortions and suction aspirations on women. A suction aspiration consists of inserting a vacuum into a woman’s cervix and removing the contents of the uterus.

Currently, state law only allows licensed physicians and surgeons to perform abortions.

The California Medical Association has endorsed the bill.

Abortion opponents have said the bill shows that the state of California views humans in less regard than animals. State law only allows veterinary surgeons to perform abortions on animals.



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As I usually do when reading reporting from other sources, I clicked the link above to the original story; MY EYES, MY EYES! Holy cr@p what a load of “reporting”. Not realizing that the link goes to a conservative magazine site, I made the mistake of scrolling down to the comment section; makes the conservatives who comment here look absolutely civil by comparison. And it is always nice to see “reporting” that includes an opinion as part of the stating of the “facts”; the last paragraph in CCN’s article was actually written by the reporter as part of her “story”, with her conclusion about how abortion opponents view this as the State of California viewing animals as having more regard than for humans – that is reporting? CCN, you disappoint me greatly by putting up this article and linking to the source of this “report”; CCN usually has a much better standard of what is reportable news.

Thank you for the link; interesting to see little, if any, editorializing in the report they published, as opposed to the first link CCN put up. Also good to see some facts in their report, such as these procedures only being available for a certain time frame within the pregnancy, and how many rural counties have no facilities staffed with doctors available at all.

Why? Why would anyone prefer a nurse practitioner over a Doctor. I get it…now that the state is paying for so many abortions they need to reduce the cost. If that is indeed what this is all about…the all mighty dollar! then abortion amazingly so…just got uglier. Whats next drive through?