Californians Republicans lead in local politics

September 5, 2013

politicsCalifornia Republicans hold about half the state’s mayor and council seats, while at the same time largely irrelevant in state politics. [LATimes]

Over the past two decades, California’s Democratic party has cemented a state level stronghold with 44 percent of Californians registered as Democrats and 29 percent registered Republicans. At the same time, 47 percent of mayors and council members are registered Republican while 45 percent are registered Democrats.

The disparity could be related to what issues voters and party leaders find important at the state and local levels. Most municipal elections in California are nonpartisan affairs where the primary issues are typically municipal finances and public safety. At a state level, GOP donors and leaders tend to embrace politicians with similar views on social issues.


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Yet another reason why it should be one acre, one vote.

Sadly, no. That would just be a more simple way to buy government, instead of the complicated mess we have now to buy government.

Everyone should have the opportunity to buy their government…

Now, if you argue for only actual tax-payers getting to vote, then that would make sense. One should not get to have a say in how things are spent if they are not at all liable for funding the spending.

For a simple and logical explanation of the phenomenon listed in the article, consider this. The larger cities in the state are far more likely to be Democrat dominated. Yet smaller cities and towns with Republican orientations out-number them in terms of the numbers of “mayors and council seats.” Mayors and council members are not the votes used in determining state and national representatives — large concentrations of voters in large metro areas are.

Yes. Another false equivalency, bad math article to feed the pockets of reactionary whiners that have walnut sized brains composed of dog droppings.

Guess to hard for you to comprehend? There has been articles over the years showing that coastal communities tend to be liberal, while the inland areas, (Central Valley) tend to be conservative. His point about the numbers is very plausible but your rabid, blind partisanship, as usual doesn’t let you see anything outside your warped, distorted view of the world. Sad, quite sad indeed.

Ever notice how when someone is completely wrong on an issue they have no recourse but name-calling?

can’t see the splinters for the beams

Pshah! I like name-calling whether I’m wrong or right! Especially when it is apropos and witty! Not always accomplished, but I keep trying!

Remember the year of the woman? I think it lasted at least a decade and brung us Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstien, Barbara Boxer, Lois Capps, to name a few. And you need to ask what happened to California? This is what happens when you vote… party…gender…color…or religion first and credentials second.

that post makes no point whatsoever.

no reasons given as to why the referred to office-holders are supposed to be “bad”

no explanation as to why I or anyone else “need”s to ask anything.

no illumination of “what happened to California”.

just platitudinous sophomoric b.s.

I have the state of the State to hold up as evidence that someone has been making very bad decisions regarding the economic welfare of the people of California. I have statistics showing an economic downturn during the tenure of the representatives I mentioned. And you call me sophomoric without offering up any evidence of California’s betterment under their watch. Just platitudinous sophomoric b.s.

You are right — but I can provide a list of reasons why Pelosi and Feinstien are “bad.” Both have engaged in activities that should be considered corrupt (but probably aren’t in the legal sense since they and others like them write the laws.) In addition, Feinstein is probably as close as you can get to being a fascist in her disregard for individual liberties (Patriot Act, FISA, gun control, etc.), in her desire to marry corporate power with government and in her willingness to spend American lives and money to dominate other nations. Capps is mainly bad as an enabler for some of these crooks and Boxer is a mix of good and bad. I could go into details on them too but this is enough of a thread hijack as it is.

such unsupported and unsupportable wingnut crap.

Hmmmmmm…do you think the phrase “wingnut crap” could be referred to as “sophomoric b.s.” just sayin…


“Republican baby darrhea in a blender “

and I got a pocketful of gold doubloons that says some goofball has no authority to

determine the end of any thread. just ask that malone deal.

You, sir, truly add nothing to a conversation; and I think you’re quite content with that.

I, dude, add context and bustability.

I see stupit people.

Well then get away from the mirror!!

That’s because only old, rich white men have the time and resources to devote to local politics. Unless your career path is “lifetime politician” like many of the more upstanding members of our own CA Assembly and Senate (insert sarcasm).

Normal people that work day in and day out do not have the luxury of being able to make certain their voices get heard.

Over the past two decades, California’s Democratic party has cemented a state level stronghold with 44 percent of Californians registered as Democrats


Isn’t this the same period that California has steadily gone down hill?

I think at least 7 out of 10 people who have lived here the last 30 years would say California has been going downhill during this period.

no doubt about it. get a job

Or better yet, HIRE someone… then one will truly see how far things have fallen.

Are you sure that the problem wasn’t that Republicans were the Governor for almost 24 of the last 30 years?

George Deukmejian (R) January 3, 1983 to January 7, 1991

Pete Wilson (R) January 7, 1991 to January 4, 1999

Gray Davis (D) January 4, 1999 to November 17, 2003

Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) November 17, 2003 to January 3, 2011

Jerry Brown (D) January 3, 2011 to ?

Those who have been here longer would say that the state’s best years were when Pat Brown (D) was Governor.

I think a closer look at what was going on behind the scenes will show that Californian’s are screwed under both Browns. Check this out on Brown’s wealth that came my way not too long ago:

Jerry Brown, Oil Baron:

Looks like someone’s been pullin’ the wool over a lot of people’s eyes!

So Brown’s covering up his past and silencing the media on it and Obama’s covering up his past and silencing the media on it. Interesting. Both these deceivers pretend to be “for the people” when in actuality, they’re for themselves. And yet people continue to idolize their false idols.

This LA Times story is taking up valuable ink space that should be occupied by our Local Water Stories. It seems the local water discussion gets prematurely squelched while outside media floods our neighborhood to write the story for us. Sorry CCN…..