Fire at plastic bag manufacturing company under investigation

September 5, 2013

fireA fire Wednesday at a plastics bag manufacturing company at 1603 Commerce Way in Paso Robles led to the evacuation of the building. No one was hurt.

At about 9 p.m., the fire broke out in the employee break room of Lindamar Industries. The building’s sprinkler system stopped the fire from spreading while several night shift employees evacuated the building.

Thirteen firefighters from the Paso Robles Department of Emergency Services, the Atascadero Fire Department and Cal Fire arrived on the scene and quickly extinguished the blaze.

Investigators from the Paso Robles Department of Emergency Services are investigating the cause of the fire.


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So the assumption so far is that since they make plastic bags, the only bags that are made are the type that have been banned from being handed out here in this county? Plastic bags are also what is available in the produce department for the loose or wet items, as well as the meat department for wet items, and other stores such as pharmacies use smaller bags for their prescription departments. But go ahead, make the assumption that the only bags being made there are the ones we no longer use here in this county …

Yes, unfortunately some people have been a victim of propaganda. No particular “type’ of plastic bags were banned – you can purchase whatever types of plastic bags that you want. What was disallowed was “bag welfare” where free plastic bags are given away to shoppers who lack the mental abilities to be responsible enough to bring their own reusable bags to the store and instead rely on the charity of the store to provide it for them at the expense of others.

Wake up! There is nothing for free, no matter what they tell you.

Yes, that is exactly my point. I guess I should have put free in quotes for the irony-impaired. Everyone pays for the bags that are given at no direct cost to those that don’t bring their own. It’s welfare enjoyed by some at the expense of all.

Wow, no type of plastic bags where banned? REALLY!? WTF did I miss? Can I go to Vons, or Albertson’s and get plastic? I’m not even talking about for free, I’m talking about buying. Yes the answer is NO!!!!! They only sell paper. Nice try in trying to change and LIE about what happened last October. Boy you must be easily duped?? As for being responsible enough? It has nothing to do with that. I bring mine. I just like to do things WITHOUT the GOV. or some other fool, telling or legislating that I have to.

You can find plenty of plastic bags in Vons or Albertson’s. The produce section has plenty, and you can still find lots of kinds of ziplock plastic bags there too. You just can’t get them for free at the checkout counter, but if they wanted to sell those types of bags somewhere else in the store, they could. Read the ordinance and see for yourself what exactly is disallowed.

Sorry, but I just have to chime in and ask you: HAVE YOU READ THE ORDINANCE?

You do realize that giving a bag to someone is such an offensive act that it justifies SIX MONTHS IN JAIL and/or a $1,000. FINE, right?

So, to give a .05 bag to someone who may actually need an extra bag could cost that person $1,000. and SIX MONTH IN JAIL, and you’re so filled with confused self-righteousness that you think that’s just fine.


And since the bag ordinance has gone into effect, prices at the grocery stores have gone down to reflect that they’re not giving away “free” bags, right?

The BAG BAN was an excuse by people with small self-worth who find themselves serving on boards to get to display a little power over others, that’s all. The real reason for the ban was revealed at the very end of the meeting – it was about the $$ it was costing to maintain the machinery at the dump. The “environment” was used as an excuse to pass the ordinance because the board was too stupid and lazy to start a county-wide education program to let the public know the bags mess up the machinery at the dump and to use the recycling bins at the grocery store instead of the trash bins at home to dispose of them. So you see, “saving the environment’ wasn’t really the reason for the ordinance – it was because of laziness, and a lust to exercise inordinate power over others.

It’s the ame ol’ same ol’ – power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Keep giving away your power to others and see how they allow you to be.

I agree. San Luis Manifesto just wants to use their commercial power to get the rest of us to live their lifestyle. They banned a product made in our own county? Does anyone do anything in that city other than sit on regulatory boards? Here in Atascadero we work making things, things like plastic bags.

Well said Willow. Glad you said. I don’t have the energy to deal with self righteous people like that, that are somehow superior to society because they use a recyclable bag and then assume that because the rest of us don’t like Gov. intrusion, that we just don’t recycle. He needs to talk to my garbage man then and ask why that extra large blue can (recycle can) is full almost every week and the smallest black can (no recycle) is almost empty every week.

Some of these types are so empty in the head, that they think that only they are out recycling and saving our plant.

True about assuming that they only make those bags but guess what Bob, YOU just assumed that they don’t either.

We recently vacationed in another county here in California that also has a plastic bag ban. The first grocery store we visited charged us 25 cents (per the county ordinance) for a paper bag. The second store did not charge for them. I asked why and the clerk smiled and stated that they were not bags, but “inventory theft prevention devices”, and as such, the store was not required to charge for them.

We shopped at that store for the duration of our trip using the bags to start our campfires instead of using petroleum products.

Well that’s just good sense.

All fires are investigated.

Well, if they can’t sell them, then burn the place for the insurance!

Wait a minute. You mean in a county with a Plastic Bag ordinance we have a manufacture of them right here in Paso?? Didn’t know that. Talk about irony.

I’m surprised that they didn’t run them out of the county for such a horrible practice as that!!!

They didn’t post last wording. The last sentence is sarcasm BTW.