Gas prices slated to drop 40 cents a gallon

September 22, 2013

gas pricesGas prices are expected to drop between 40 to 45 cents a gallon by the end of October, according to analysts. During the past decade, prices have dropped during this period an average of 23 cents a gallon. [MercuryNews]

However, because of a light hurricane season, an easing of tensions in the Middle East and refinery fixes at home in 2013, falling gas prices are expected to double last year’s fall drop.

According to AAA, California gas prices are currently just over $4 a gallon while the U.S. average is $3.49 a gallon.


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40 cents? must be an election coming up soon…

It is rediculous that we all pay for Von’s points wether or not we participate. They may as well add Sycamore Hot Tub points too so that the consumer has more choices.

Spiking gas rates at the pump for this nonsense should be stopped.

The price of gas is determined by it’s largest consumer. This is a fact of economics. If China buys the most oil they set the price, not us. It doesn’t matter how much we produce here if its sold on the spot market. We pay extra for that TukTuk in Beijing Get used to it.

And yes, you can blame the GOP for this without a doubt

Please elaborate on your blame game.

George#41 and Barbra Bush were (informal) trade ambassadors in China(via Nixon) while George W was at HarvardBusinessSchool, Jeb took favors bribes and gifts , that dashed his ability to run for president, Neil caught in a prostitution / divorce scandal. hence GWB#43 .

our trade policies with China are a product of those efforts. China is our friend. Like it or not Vagabond is mostly correct .

I learned about why Jeb couldn’t run from a member of the old regime’s gop ethnic heritage group – .

we reap what we sow.

we have sown the wind brothers and sisters

China huh? I guess Clinton and the word Loral mean nothing to you either?

China recently called for foreigners apply for their astronaut program, evidently they have put the loran technology to good use The right wing doom and gloom at the time predicted the end of the world because china got better machine tool programs from the commie agents Clinton .

Shell beach must be California’s biggest user then as their gas prices are $4.29 a gallon and in Morro Bay its 3.89. Who’s screwin who I ask? happy,happy, joy,joy, cause there aint no place like home ;)

I thought we were supposed to blame the Speculators for high gas prices? Or was that just not true (ironically, both links are to CNN and about 1 month apart).

I know it was all Bush’s fault when he was president. Heck, those really smart democrats still have their petition up to impeach Bush and Chenny over the high gas prices! Here’s a snippet if you’re afraid to damage your ideological ego by clicking and reading:

Gas prices averaged $1.15 under Bill Clinton -prices have more than doubled under Bush-Cheney – to $2.65 and climbing.

Yep. That damn Bush and his $2.65 and climbing gas prices. We should get a democrat in office – that would change everything. We hope.

IF… gas hits $3.55 a gallon this October that’s when SLO County Supervisors can FLY!

It would not surprise me if a couple of said supervisors already were flying… high as kites, as it were. Sure seems like it with their words and actions.

Yea, right. The price will drop everywhere except the Central Coast.

Ha! They raise it a buck, then slowly lower it 50 cents, and everybody’s happy.

It’s all Obama’s fault!

Well, unlisted, it COULD be Obama’s fault. Since his inauguration, your dollar buys HALF the gold, and HALF the gasoline, and ONE THIRD of the silver that it bought under W.

There could be a connection there.

And my retirement accounts have more than doubled.

BTW gas prices only dropped after Bush drove the economy inro the ditch.

Here is a quick fact about gas prices.

I filled up the motorhome at $4.69 / gallon (regular unleaded) in July of 2008, Bush was President. In November of 2008, I filled it up and paid $2.69 / gallon. Funny how gas goes up and down…. It doesn’t matter who you vote for.

The kid working at the station in November of 2008 said “Dude, you must be stoked that the gas is so cheap”. I told him that “I still had half of a tank of the $4.69 stuff so it probably averages out to about $3.69 a gallon”

Whoowhoo, I respectfully disagree with your citation of a $4.69 gasoline price spike during the W term in office in order to make your point that it doesn’t matter WHO you vote for.

Yes, it does. With W developing supplies and pushing conservative economics, and with Obama debasing your dollar on a planetary basis, it matters very much that we elected a man who seems h blank BENT on destroying the dollar.

Remember, as a candidate he said W was “un-American” for having a deficit and he said he would HALVE it, yet he multiplied it three times, a SIX times swing. He’s compiled a debt exceeding what took 43 presidents two hundred years to develop, just since his inauguration.

Thank goodness I got a bunch of those shiny little Maple Leafs when the dollar bought so much more in gold. Wish I’d have put ALL the retirement accounts into that, not into the false doubling bubble that Bernacke is running up. I too am loving that bubble, though I know it’s a house of cards and will bust one day, in an atomic-sized fashion.

Geez, Obama is a historic guy and gives speeches so encouraging and convincing that he’s like the new Reagan in terms of convincing the American Public. It’s just that the brand he is selling is tripe drivel divisiveness and hypothecation of our currency. Come back, Ronnie !

Hail the Imperial Obama. Govern by fiat and regulation. Bypass Congress. Huge delays in Obama care, waivers to his friends. No valid budget for six years. hail hail hail.

I had always thought that the drop in winter prices was the change in blend… a cheaper mixture to accommodate the colder weather.

Good re-blending observation, Roger. But since the Oil Industry follows the Bruce Gibson “whatever I want is how it will be” School of Management, ALL SORTS of excuses and rationalizations will be thrown at the general public to explain oil and gas pricing. Re-blending is just one. I think the sage who posted about a timely “refinery fire” is right on target as you are. We appear to be powerless in the scam. Just like when standing before the Board of Supervisors. Don’t expect a government that took away your grocer’s freedom to furnish you with a plastic bag and did so WITHOUT a vote by the voters to let you do much to crack your own inexpensive fuel out of distilled water.

Hydrogen IS the answer, so far as I can reason. You can burn it in fuel cells or internal combustion engines, you can make it and pressurize it in your backyard with solar panels or other electrical sources to split water into component gasses, then recombine them as needed for motor vehicle propulsion.

All we need is the mass produced and therefore affordably priced high pressure tanks and capture system, massive changes in zoning laws or building codes to allow for safe installation of hydrogen pressure pumps just like the pumps used for home or office CNG (natural gas) filling of vehicles, and the gasoline industry starts to lose it’s monopoly standing. At least, minus some detail work, such is my dream for the next generation.

Oh. Did I stray off topic again. . . .

Sounds like it is time for a timely refinery fire. Any bets?

Or someone in the middle east will fart and the prices will jump again

We needed to get that sucker hooked up to recover that methane!!! ;-)

When we have so much here at home?

Think Locally!