No good news about water supply

September 10, 2013

irrigationDrought conditions in California will be worsened by a current dearth of surplus water, and that coupled with a third straight dry year could mean exponentially bigger supply problems in 2014. (Sacramento Bee)

Any available statewide surpluses are being utilized now.

The California Department of Water Resources made the announcement late last week, along with the proviso that homeowners should turn off their sprinklers when it is raining.

The DWR also expressed concern about small water systems which rely on groundwater, suggesting the systems are not maintained well, and that groundwater levels are rarely if ever checked.

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Hola, El Nino, donde esta?

Rain and snow, it’s all about rain and snow.

There’s plenty of water it’s just hung up in the ocean and awaits the right conditions to evaporate, turn to clouds and rain, rain, rain, baby…

Time for the State to put on hold this Delta Project. We need to pull MORE water out of the Sac-San Joaquin Delta not less.

The Delta Project/Peripheral canal is a boondoggle that will simply cost billions and give us not one ounce more of water. The delta smelt be damned. People first.

Problem is no one has any real idea on how to fix the state water project. We are too much looking just at the environmental impacts and not the people impacts. The feds cut off the spigot to the Central Valley and its economy has all but collapsed. We’re talking about food here, and the water needed to grow it.

The State should consider eliminating any new vineyards being planted and no more breweries and give the water to farmers that grow foodstuffs. WIne is profitable, but palces like Paso don’t have enough water to sustain it.

And the residents of rural Paso should get first dibs on any water underlying their properties.

Why doesn’t this article mention companies like Nestle, who is buying defunct or bankrupt wineries and ranches to gain water supply control. It usually just takes 1 greedy person (or family….) to sell out a communities water supply. Water & air. That is what we need as humans to survive. Once again…nature bats last.

The good news is for San Luis Obispo because the North County has created a debate over a puddle in the under ground Salinas River (The Paso Ground Water Basin). While the North County fights among themselves, San Luis Obispo can continue to suck on the Salinas River from their side of the hill and build more realestate. The local bad news is for North County Ag because their zoned use has been haulted while the cities can rezone and grow.

For a interesting read, search the Angle Decree and the Angle Act.

QUOTING ARTICLE: “Any available statewide surpluses are being utilized now.

That is exactly what the reality of California’s water situation. Yet, despite that clear reality, the SLO County Board of Supervisors and Paso City government continue attempt to claim there is available water resources to float their Titanic of a water policy.

The Nipomo Mesa, and Paso GW Basin, Severity-3 water resource overdrafts are our local bellwether events of the coming water-shortage calamity that our governing officials have done nothing meaningful to stop.

As far as I am concerned, this negligence of our government officials is as bad as City-of-Bell’s ex-mayor Rizzo’s hording of their city’s financial resources.

The fact that Debbie Arnold has a clear conflict of interest in voting for water-related issues (especially in the Paso GW basin area), yet has steadfastly tried to block meaningful attempts to deal with the water crisis, puts her in the same league as ex-mayor Rizzo.

Arnold should have recused herself. Instead, she did the bidding of her family’s best interests. Unfortunately, it will be the residents who depend on the survival of the Paso GW basin that wil reap the bitter harvest of Arnold’s avarice and greed.

Then there are the Halliburton tools who say the answer is petroleum and gas, when the fracking now used to access those fuels have left a tragedy of destroyed water resources, and sick and dying people.

The answer is to use water sustainably. That means turn off the spigots to all but the absolutely necessary water for residents.

“The California Department of Water Resources made the announcement late last week, along with the proviso that homeowners should turn off their sprinklers when it is raining.”


Seriously? The “leadership” of this state is why this state is going to hell in a hand basket.

Is the best they can do in the name of water conservation????? God help us.

Doom! DOOOOM! DOOOOOM!! Please BIG GOVERNMENT, come solve this problem you created.

Is that what we’re supposed to do? How’s that Ogallala Aquifer doing? Maybe we shouldn’t waste so much water on corn we’re just going to burn instead of petroleum or gas.