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September 10, 2013
Tom Dawson

Tom Dawson


Why haven’t we heard about the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) and the plans it has for us before now?

Working in cooperation with “partner” organizations, globalist politicians from ICLEI have been quietly put into key positions. What may be one of the best kept secrets of the last two decades is the way ICLEI and other non-governmental organizations have subtly infiltrated all local governments in the world with prepackaged planning material ready for local government consumption. (That makes it easy for staff to present without much original thinking.)

Although Congress did not approve them, these policies have been mandated into federal agencies by executive order. All this was done under the radar because opposition was anticipated.

J. Gary Lawrence, advisor to President Bill Clinton’s Presidential Commission on Sustainable Development, stated, “Participating in a U.N. advocated planning process would very likely bring out many who would actively work to defeat any elected official… undertaking Local Agenda 21. So we will call our process something else, such as ‘Comprehensive Planning’, ‘Growth Management’, or ‘Smart Growth’.” That is why we now hear more about “Climate Change” rather than “Global Warming”, and communities are now refered to as “resilient” rather than “sustainable.”

The names have changed but not to protect the innocent No, the fancy footwork is purposely devised to distract and deceive us. Although being sold as protecting the environment, these globalist scare tactics of finding (or creating) a crisis and then heroically presenting the solution have more to do with gaining control than caring for Mother Earth.

Maurice Strong, author of Sustainable Development and avowed socialist, promotes this attitude: “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”

Plainly stated, the overreaching plan is to use local governments to achieve control. Environmental issues are being used much as the Greeks used the Trojan Horse to seduce the citizens to unknowingly bring the enemy right inside their city.

Speaking of overreaching, I would like to address a philosophy that is being brought forth in the multitude of “rule and regulation” policies that county staff brings to the board of supervisors, and which have been given a stamp of approval by two of our county supervisors. Because supervisors Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill have signed an agreement to promote the goals and purposes of ICLEI, an organization directly tied to and implementing United Nations Sustainable Development policies, perhaps a comparison of how the U.N. and the U.S. view individual rights is in order.

The U.N. Declaration of Human Rights says that the purpose of government is to control the individual for the greater good of a global community. “Rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.” In short, it is the government that grants, restricts or withdraws your rights according to its needs. You and the product of your labor belong to the community.

In direct contrast, the U.S. Declaration of Independence states that the purpose of our government is to protect the natural or unalienable rights of each individual — “That all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.” The philosophy of our government is that you are born with rights and government exists to protect them. You and the product of your labor belong to you.

Which philosophy do you want you and your family to live under: control or protection?

The reason for this little history lesson is to make everyone aware that the Sustainable Development political agenda originated in the founding documents of the U.N. In order for progress to be made in implementing Sustainable Development in the U.S., unalienable rights, such as the right to private property, must be eroded, attacked and struck down altogether. The U.N. Sustainable Development Agenda 21 manual states that private property has to be removed from the hands of individuals because it concentrates too much wealth in the hands of a few. Therefore, property must be put into the hands of the collective.

Of course, one of the best ways to control land is by controlling its natural resources, of which water is clearly the most important.

An additional concern for me is how the political structure of America is being transformed. It seems that while we citizens were going about the business of life, making a living, raising our families, caring for our properties, and all the activities that keep us more than distracted, certain mechanisms have been quietly at work without public awareness.

Gone are the days when government was limited and where we, as individuals, were politically acknowledged to possess unalienable rights. Today, we see public expectations and legislative agendas being dominated by the ideology that individual human wants, needs and desires must conform to the views and dictates of the community. This philosophic approach to government is called communitarianism,and it means more of our rights having “to take a back seat to the collective” in the process of implementing Sustainable Development.

I have a question for supervisors Gibson and Hill: When you put your signatures on that ICLEI agreement, did you think the voters of your districts would happily allow you to make their individual rights less important than the rights of some undefined “collective”?

I seriously doubt it.



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Well stated Mr. Dawson, and one only needs to examine the architects of Agenda 21 the likes of Boris Johnson and David Cadman to see the embedded intent. In the end it reduces to a single question; security and servitude, or freedom and risk. The choice is yours.

I fully expect Mr. Dawson to begin chomping on a cigar, drinking bourbon with branch water, and commence lamenting about the loss of ‘precious bodily fluids’ any time now.

I fully expect you’ll never see the forest for the trees.

We stopped asking if things were Constitutional GENERATIONS ago. I blame those early American progressives. The kind that knew they could not be honest (ever) and like to change words and meanings to suit and conceal their ill-conceived notions. I mean, “Federal Reserve” and “Planned Parenthood” should be pretty clear examples of progressive redefinitions.

Now we have “Climate Change” (well, duh, it always changes, but that’s not what that means anymore, is it) and “Sustainable Growth” (I’ve not seen any growth that they feel is sustainable, this usually means net-zero).

Bah, it will all end in a horrific mass murder, like it always has before.

You’re a master of sweeping generalizations, r0y.

The bottom line: we were founded under the constitution, bill of rights and the declaration of independence . None of those would have been possible without the revolutionary war. We have a responsibility as freedom loving people to keep our government to become the english crown. Some of us think we are well beyond that. What do you think?

The Declaration of Independence pre-dated the Revolutionary War.

So your point is: 1) we were not founded under the Declaration; or 2) we did not need to fight a revolution?

1791, baby. 1791 – a great year.

I am more concerned about SCOTUS’s loyalty to corporations and Federal and State policies that benefit the moneyed minority instead of the shrinking middle class and ballooning poorer class. The generalities and lack of substantial examples leave me (still) convinced that public processes are designed to be transparent, fair and follow the rule of law. Conspiracy theories like this belong on Faux News where anti-intellectualism and ignorance reign supreme. Stop wasting our time and write something that will resonate with sane people.

I think you have a right to be concerned particularly about the POTUS’s loyalties to corporations and the moneyed minority. Perhaps we would not be aiming towards war in Syria at the moment if it were not for the same old oil and $$$$$ that has kept us in the Middle East forever. Time to stop pulling the superiority act and putting people down for being aware of what you can’t or won’t see. You might want to consider pulling your head out of the sand and having a look around. Really…it’s a lot safer with your head out of the sand.

Mr. Dawson quotes from Article 29 of the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights: “These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.” This is the sole support for his allegation that the “U.N. Declaration of Human Rights says that the purpose of government is to control the individual for the greater good of a global community.”

In the interest of fairness, Article 29 also states that “[i]n the exercise of his rights and freedoms, everyone shall be subject only to such limitations as are determined by law solely for the purpose of securing due recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others and of meeting the just requirements of morality, public order and the general welfare in a democratic society.” Article 30 goes on to state that “[n]othing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.”

While I can’t prove that there isn’t an international communist conspiracy to infiltrate local governments, it’s a lot easier to believe that Glenn Beck et al. make a handsome living exploiting fear and gullibility by providing snippets of the Declaration out of context.

Even the expanded version, when read carefully and thoughtfully, can be seen as Government controlling rights. Where and what do you think meeting the just requirements of morality, public order and the general welfare in a democratic society actually means, Sarah?

I think you actually ENHANCED Mr. Dawson’s point. Thank you for the expanded Article 29 & 30.

Well, r0y, the words “general welfare” strike me as particularly, but not exclusively, American ideals, appearing as they do in the preamble to our constitution. Did you think they were code words for “totalitarian dictatorship?” How about “democratic society?”

You sure do read a lot into other people’s words. No one ever said “general welfare’ is exclusively American ideals; therefore, your re-framing of the conversation is not applicable to the original discussion.

I’ve never been to a city council meeting where one of the members said they were voting a certain way because of “some” UN document. Many times, a sustainable solution is agreed upon to combat shrinking resources within the community. It’s a cost / benefit analysis to either making a community better, or worse, to live in. Environmental considerations are an unavoidable part of that equation.

No, and I highly doubt you ever would. Instead, all the nifty reports and charts and directions are all pre-packaged and ready for dissemination via the unelected and unaccountable “staff” bureaucrats, often seeing this as a quick and easy way to avoid actually doing their job themselves. They can easily claim they’re not “re-inventing the wheel” and it all sounds nice and makes them feel good.

Sadly, critical thinking is often lacking in these situations; no one likes to take things to logical conclusions. Instead, we’re being conditioned to just “deal with it” as it unfolds. Heck, look at how domestic and foreign policy has been handled at the national level for decades.

Do you think that “Staff” should be elected? Would that resolve the lack of accountability you mention?

Perhaps, in your sweeping generalizations you confuse professional staff recommendations with the acts of conspirators. I guess that’s understandable if the Staff recommendations are telling you something you don’t like to hear. Nifty reports and charts? That’s expected of professionals.

I like the critical thinking aspects of what you’ve written above. However, I recommend adding “balanced” critical thinking to find the “logical” conclusions we all seek.

Who is “staff”, anyway?

From what I’ve observed, “staff” is the one that often dictates what goes down.

The few times I’ve contacted “staff” to give them input on an issue – they’re absolutely NOT OPEN to considering anything that is other than what THEY HAVE ALREADY GOT GOING, DETERMINED.

And the government meetings I’ve attended are a FARCE – either the input gathered from the public at so-called “stakeholder meetings” is gathered in a way to skew the results for their purposes (yes, it’s done and IF the public catches it and brings it to their attention, they’re ignored and the skewed data is gathered and used anyway …. hmmmm – no “conspiracy” there?) or the board members (as in Board of Supes, Waste Mangement, Air Resources, Community Services, Education, …) just flat out IGNORE public input/requests and push their agenda forward anyway.

So the whole thing about “government by and for the people” in this country is a bunch of b.s. – whether it be elected “representatives”, or appointed board members, or hired “staff” – NO ONE ON THE GOVERNMENT PAYROLL REALLY WANTS TO HEAR WHAT THE PUBLIC, OR INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS, HAVE TO SAY, much less give them actual CONSIDERATION (but they sure as hell want us to “consider” them by supporting their a….s.)

Here’s one for ya – next time you call a so-called “elected representative” – notice – one of the first things they ask is, “What group are you with?” If you’re an INDIVIDUAL CITIZEN, they don’t want to hear from you unless you’ve got a child missing, or are having trouble with your passport. When it comes to local or state issues – the Sierra Club has already told them what position to take, and the banksters will bank roll the confiscation of any private property that stands in the way of them getting what they want. Don’t believe it? Just realize this – the people of this country have been lied to by many entities – since the day they were born – and there’s not much left that ‘s actually the way we were told. This is not to say that concern and good stewardship of resources is not in order… but the Sierra Club got way off track sometime in the late 70’s, early 80’s and the organization has been used to do terrible things to people and cause much suffering – including to children – that they like to use and parade around to promote their position on issues – but negate to really care about them as their “environmental” position often takes food out of the mouths of children. (Nearest point in case – turning the water off in the Central Valley to save a fish that’s NOT INDIGENOUS to any part of SF Bay area which put HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS, of low-income people OUT OF WORK, which means they can’t feed their children. That sort of “policy” makes about as much sense as Obama bombing Syria and killing who knows how many innocent children in the process, all because he’s supposedly distraught that children were killed in the civil war (covertly created by the CIA.))

People in this country need to wake up as to what’s really going on and stop believing the mantras and lies and look at what “POLICIES” DO TO ACTUAL, LIVING HUMAN BEINGS.

Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, are all about corralling people into smaller areas, so the globalists can control the resources in the rest of the land. And with that control, comes increased profits for them, as they will be sure to consistently create/fabricate “shortages” to justify increasing rates for any and all energy, water, food – anything required for Life. If people can’t read the documents and read the writing between the lines, then LOOK AT THE ACTUAL CASES of what people are going through throughout this country ever since Agenda 21 came into being: people are getting kicked off the land, murdered for it, “set up” for it, burned out of it, …. the list goes on and on, … all by government forces acting “legally”, within the “law”, that wasn’t “law” not too long ago. The ignorance and gullibility of Americans is their downfall.

And let’s not forget the SMART thing – SMART meters, SMART appliances, SMART phones, SMART…. yeah, we’re livin’ in the land of the free – where everything is monitored by a government agency, and some robot is going to turn off all power to your home because of a “policy” written up by a “staff” member – who, as a matter of government policy and protocol, IGNORED THE PEOPLE when they were SPEAKING AGAINST IT.

Don’t tell me there isn’t some sort of “conspiracy”, when I see time after time after time, “government” IGNORING THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE, the U.S. CONSTITUTION, MORAL BEHAVIOR, and COMMON SENSE for the will of corporations – which begs the question – is the Sierra Club incorporated? Is it a corporation?

So, to repeat …. Power Corrupts. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. Continue to give your power to others, and see how you live. ‘Cause the reality is – there isn’t a single person, entity, or organization on the planet today with the maturity and wisdom to just blindly trust with absolute power over your life. Stop being such gullible idiots, Amerika.

Wow! Thank you! Couldn’t have said it better! You go Willow!

Very nice, Willow! The only exception I have is under the “profit” part. I don’t think the grabbers of resources are concerned with profit (in the end, anyway) as they are with control. When you own the monopoly money press, do you really worry about cash? No. You worry about control. Control = Slavery. They want to be the elites at the top, and shove the rest down into Communism.

Sorry, Socialism. Then again, socialism is an incomplete entity. Just a necessard step towards Communism. Welcome to Marxist ideology: SLAVERY in it’s purest form, where a slight few have all the power and ownership, and the “real” 99% are robbed of their potential, future, and children.

I am with Willow – Everything I want to say has been said by this poster.

Straight up !! Those who have their eyes closed will only oppose these real events happening under our very noses.

“So, to repeat …. Power Corrupts. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. Continue to give your power to others, and see how you live. ‘Cause the reality is – there isn’t a single person, entity, or organization on the planet today with the maturity and wisdom to just blindly trust with absolute power over your life. Stop being such gullible idiots, Amerika.”

Very Well Said – JMO

todays right wing trope has been brought to you by the letter k

It’s good that we have a forum like CCN to hear these view points. Clearly, there are conspiracy theorists and people who spend too much time listening to other who support their views instead of those with views that differ. That’s my point about BALANCE, which was clearly unaddressed by instead copying pages 3-5 of willow’s manifesto.

See today’s news about Morro Bay City Council and their staff. Staff serves at the will of the council, who are elected. Obviously, Staff is under pressure to tell the council what they want to hear. In this way, they reflect the objectives of ELECTED officials. If you have problems with elected officials asking the wrong questions of Staff or selecting the wrong Staff, then I suggest bringing ideas to the voting public that resonate with them. If people’s eyes glaze over when you’re describing your problems with Agenda 21, it’s NOT their fault! You need to do a better job describing why they should be concerned… if they should be concerned at all… IMO.