Homemade bomb found in downtown SLO

September 17, 2013

carA device the San Luis Obispo County Bomb Task Force removed from outside a downtown San Luis Obispo business on Sept. 11 appears to have been a homemade bomb.

Police discovered what appeared to be gunpowder and fourteen firecrackers in the metal water bottle found on Wednesday by gardeners working at Obispo Wealth Management on the corner of Chorro and Pacific streets. Information on making bombs using the powder from firecrackers and water bottles is available on the internet.

“It had a metal screw cap on it with a green wire that was about that long with the end of it stripped and bare, and it was pushed through the middle of a cigarette and the cigarette was lit,” said Christina Coyle of Obispo Wealth Management.

A bomb task force robot removed the suspicious object from its location and secured it in a containment vessel. Investigators dismantled the object over the weekend. Their investigation is ongoing.


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This was a ignorant joke. When this person gets caught, I could the help weed pulling on my farm where the water bottle WILL get the respect it deserves.

Fourteen Firecrackers and an unknown amount of gun powder?

Good thing we have a BOMB DISPOSAL ROBOT! (hopefully it doesn’t run on Vista…)