Meth involved in fatal car accident

September 13, 2013

shell beachThe Los Osos man who died after he drove his car off a 200-foot cliff near the Best Western Shelter Cove Lodge in Pismo Beach last July was on meth, police said.

Prior to the accident, several people called 911 to report a truck was  being driven erratically on southbound Highway 101 in the Shell Beach area, drifting off the roadway, and nearly causing several collisions. After the vehicle exited at Price Street and turned north, witnesses lost sight of it.

Cal Fire officials discovered the car partially submerged, and first responders performed CPR after extracting him from the vehicle, but Sean Ramirez, 33, did not survive.




  1. Zuma7 says:

    His girlfriend had the usual excuses for his behavior.

  2. OnTheOtherHand says:

    It sounds like he was killing himself slowly anyway. Luckily he didn’t do any harm to anyone else going this way and he most likely would have if he continued on with the chemical suicide. While he may have had family or friends for whom this is a loss, the rest of society is probably better off without him. The only other negative is for those who had to retrieve his body and car from the ocean.

  3. r0y says:

    And we’re concerned with Chemical Weapons in Syria. We have plenty of them here: meth, RU486, oxy, etc.

  4. SLOTECH90 says:

    Better living with chemistry.

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