Atascadero man hit by vehicle in critical condition

October 24, 2013

atas mcA 46-year-old man is in critical condition after being hit by a vehicle in Atascadero Monday night.

Shortly after 6 p.m., the Atascadero man was attempting to cross Morro Road near a McDonalds restaurant when he was struck by the vehicle.

The pedestrian was not in a sidewalk and may have been under the influence, police said. Emergency personnel transported the injured man to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center where he is currently listed in critical condition.

The 72-year-old driver was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


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I agree with part of your statement. I fail to see the direct connection between the homeless and someone jaywalking. I find it horrible that someone was hurt but to just assume it was a transient is a stretch. People jet across that highway like it’s a residential street. It was just about time for people to get off work and I drive that road every day sometimes twice. I drove by on my way home late about 8 – 8:30 pm the road was still blocked and being cleared small suv placed on a flatbed toe truck. The street was a mess. The elderly person who was hit was not in a cross walk, one ment for their safety and if you have to walk in that area you should realize that is a highway and drivers wont slow down and won’t stop if they roll out of a gas station Driveway, if they dont have to. The person who was hit was near A&w. When was the last time you were in the neighborhood. The homeless you’re referring to behind McDonald’s are the kids from the local schools. The homeless hang out by the gas station and the newly renovated tax funded wood chips that they sleep in.

Probably part of the homeless coalition living back behind McDonald’s along the freeway, in the creek and anywhere they can steal, eat and panhandle. I have stopped going to McDonald’s for coffee in the morning (read the postings on their doors), have talked to some businesses in the Von’s Shopping Ctr where they have become a real problem. Build it and they will come. Echo is becoming a real concern as they invite all these homeless into our community. The creeks around the high school are loaded with homeless (mostly young). Now they will want more City support to help provide for them and their needs. Insane situation!