Cal Poly considering campus pub

October 24, 2013

calpolyCal Poly officials are asking students if they are in favor of changing the school’s dry designation as they consider adding an on-campus pub. [MustangNews]

According to a Mustang News poll of 100 students, 76 percent were in favor of a wet campus, 2 percent were unsure and 22 percent were opposed with many of the objectors worried about accreditation issues.

“A lot of students were questioning our dry campus policies, like are we a dry campus, or are we not?” Associated Students Inc. President Jason Colombini told the Mustang News. “Between Sage serving alcohol, Poly Canyon Village allowing students who are all over 21 in an apartment to have alcohol and the tailgating recently, we’ve had a lot of confusion.”

Opponents of a wet campus voice concerns about noise and safety.

Proponents argue that campuses such as California State University Northridge saw no increase in crime after adding a pub.

First, administrators plan to poll students electronically. If 50 percent or more are in favor of a campus pub, campus officials will continue to consider changing to a wet campus.


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I’d like to see a poll of the local Bar owners opinions on this…lol

Instead of polling the STUDENTS, how about polling their parents who are probably helping fund their education. I graduated from Cal Poly, and I vote “NO”!!!!

What next? They’ll be able to use their meal card for Happy Hour????? :(

“how about polling their parents who are probably helping fund their education”

You seem to forget that anyone patronizing the campus pub will be 21 – already a legal adult for 3+ years. If you want to instill a sense of autonomy and responsibility in students, exactly how does deferring to the parents of adults help with that? What you are suggesting will enable and encourage detrimental helicopter parenting. If a parent decides to fund their adult children’s education, it is their responsibility to ensure that money is well spent, not the schools.

“They’ll be able to use their meal card for Happy Hour?”

That is an ill informed comment. Anyone patronizing happy hour will be required to be 21 and over. It is rare to find a 21 year old student with a meal plan at Cal Poly.

If they spend thier parents money on booze in a SLO town bar then what do you do? Mom!

I’m shocked, shocked to find that drinking is going on in here!

Cal Poly certainly wasn’t dry during Mr. Baker’s reign, especially if you attended any function hosted or attended by Ms. Baker.


Good grief, it’s about time. These poor kids have had to leave campus for decades in order to binge drink. Publicly funded institutions of higher learning SHOULD support and encourage alcohol consumption…it’s the right thing to do. It helps build character.

Another step towards incouraging alcohol may precipitate a BS degree with an AA membership.

Another waste of money taking the poll. CalPoly already is a pub. Does anyone even think that it is a dry campus except maybe the administrators.

If anything, the administrators know best that it is not a dry campus – they are the ones boozing it up at official functions on the tax payer’s dime!