Brown approves driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants

October 5, 2013

drivers licenceGovernor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law Thursday allowing people who have entered the country illegally to obtain driver’s licenses in California. [LA Times]

Brown signed the bill in front of a large crowd outside Los Angeles City Hall.

“This is only the first step. When a million people without their documents drive legally with respect to the state of California, the rest of this country will have to stand up and take notice,” Brown said. “No longer are undocumented people in the shadows.”

An estimated 1.4 million immigrants are expected to apply for driver’s licenses in the next three years. The new law recommends that the Department of Motor Vehicles distribute licenses to immigrants that state “DP” for driving privilege, rather than “DL” for driver’s license.

Supporters of the new law expect the number of insured drivers to increase and hit-and-runs to decrease.

Opponents point to other states that have issued licenses to illegal immigrants. In some of those states, many out-of-state immigrants have used false identification to obtain licenses.

California became the 11th state in the country, and 8th this year, to pass a law allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses.


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What is it with these people, does all common sense leave that cavity above their shoulders after they get elected, they all tell us what they think we want to hear at election time but do what a minority of people want or want they want after the fact, now unless we live in a hole someplace I haven’t come across anyone that wants to give illegals a license.

Each illegal drivers license issued will lead to a vote.

Not if they’re required to SHOW IT at the polling location! That’s not reasonable! :/

“this is only the first step”.

That just made go to ITunes and listen to the Carpenter;s-We”ve only just begun.

Help me understand this, please. Illegal aliens are not allowed to work, ICE will come in and raid employers and they deport them back to wherever they came from, but they can have a drivers license???

Can’t work but can drive legally? How do they make a living? Is this not putting the cart before the horse?



Ridiculous ! It’s about Revenues.

I can see both sides of this argument, but once again, the Right oversteps.

I highly doubt you can really see anything through that ideological fog that permeates around you.

And don’t forget money, money, money. Fees for applying for the licenses, and those of age will now be able to legally buy cigarettes and alcohol, both have heavy state taxes.

buy gasoline and groceries pay taxes .

Because immigrants vote democrat*VZCf1RJY3Is5pkeqvpgYcjkT0vCryqBqftr-tH5yReNa6qpB55HicfTEgAvks3V7Z3vmPBr/photo.JPG?width=500&height=398

And that’s the corruption. The more democrats, the more free stuff, more free stuff, more free loaders, more free loaders, the more dependent’s you have, then the more will not’s and so on. Not only can they get licenses now, they can enroll in any college in California and not pay a dime, there methods illegal immigrants can get into colleges and have a free education handed to them. They can also get business loans, start a business as an illegal immigrant, don’t need photo to open a Bank of America account, Wells Fargo account and etc, even the City doesn’t ask for an Id when applying for a fictitious license, it’s just some the examples these illegal immigrants get when they get over here, it’s sick!

The best democracy to have (if you live on a globe) is

inclusive, you may be a flat earther and not realize it.

Even better would be a non-corrupted Representative Republic, bound by a legal document that limits the powers of the government from becoming Orwellian and smashing it’s citizens under foot, as is usually the case (judging from all of history).

Colorado and New Mexico have tried this with lousy results. California with it’s one sided government is going to fail. Why should anyone follow laws and be law abiding? I read articles on this website of lot’s of mayhem happening with certain people with suspended licenses and no insurance. If we don’t respect our laws why should anyone coming here illegally. This is not governance it is looting.

Colorado and New Mexico have tried this with lousy results.


What results? Can you post them?

“Golden State” is certainly becoming a misnomer.

We’re doomed.


The supporters of this law who think the number of insured motorists will increase are STUPID!

The supporters of this law who think the number of insured motorists will increase are STUPID!


Admittedly, I’m not up on this topic but it make sense to me. You have to show proof of insurance to get a license and, right now lots of illegals want to get licensed and drive legally so why wouldn’t I expect an increase of licensed, insured drivers?

I have never been asked for proof of insurance to obtain or renew my license. The only time I am asked for proof of insurance is when registering a vehicle. So a license is not connected to insurance

So a license is not connected to insurance


Do I have it backwards? Do you have to have a license to get insurance? Who would give vehicle insurance to a person without a driver’s license?

It just seems to me that granting a license brings on responsibility rather than forcing the illegals to drive illegally. Of course, I also see the argument that it encourages them to stay rather than go home but I guess the argument is they aren’t ever going home voluntarily so let’s try and make them pay their fair share while they are here.

Illegal aliens aren’t responsible enough to abide by the law to enter this country legally. Giving them a license is not going suddenly embody them with a sense of responsibility. This is just going to add to their sense of entitlement that the welfare state of California is promoting. They aren’t responsible for the medical costs of the children they have after they enter this country illegally. Medical, thank you working California tax payers, covers all of their pre and post natal medical care costs followed by well baby check up, immunizations, and on and on it goes. Government subsidies, once again thank you working American tax payers, cover the cost of the Section 8 housing, food stamps, WIC tickets, low or no cost PG&E, Southern California Gas, and of course, the free cell phones. What’s next????? Government subsidized, (by the tax payers) car insurance? Wait,,,,, we already pay for that in our uninsured motorist premium. If you don’t have that additional coverage and your hit by someone with no insurance, good luck getting your car fixed. Our country is speeding towards becoming a nation of takers outnumbering the makers. The takers will continue to vote in the politicians who keep promising them everything for nothing. America surely will not survive. And of that, I am very fearful.

idrivelandyacht says:”And of that, I am very fearful.”

Yes, you comment reminds me of Michele Bachmann and how she just strings a bunch of “scary” if’s and what if’s together in order to push fear and illogic.

California got you down? Go To Arizona, Joe Arpaio has your back.

You want to move to Arizona.

You want to move

You want ………..

landyacht’s post is accurate, not a “bunch of scary if’s.”

He/she listed some truthful assertions and you mocked him/her instead of addressing the facts (Section 8, WIC, Medical coverage, etc) There’s nothing “fearful” or “illogical” in his/her list of concerns.

women infants and children OH MY!

medical coverage OH MY !


medical coverage !!!!

for humans

be afraid



nothing but,

xenophobic lightly veiled racial concerns of

national identity dilution.

America surely will not survive. And of that, I am very fearful.


Let me guess, you’re 50 or older right? It’s inevitable. The older you get the more convinced you are your country is going downhill when in actuality it is just you who is going down hill. (“Oh, the horror of providing human beings medical care. Oh, the horror of providing a minimum standard of survival in a first world country. We’re all doomed I tell you”)

Every generation thinks the succeeding generation is taking the country down and yet, here it is, dominating the world, stock market at all time high, standard of living at all time high, world violence lower than at any time in history, people spoiled like at no other time in history.

I believe you need to prove your insured to register a vehicle, not to obtain a drivers license. Even then the ruse has been to obtain the insurance with one monthy payment, get the car registered and pay no more. There are so many of them doing that , that Sacramento can’t keep up with them.

the guy paso says:”that Sacramento can’t keep up with them.”

No, my insurance lapsed and I received a notice in less than a month that I was flagged.

You probably provided your “actual” address, not a fake one!!

not everyone thinks like you do. thankfully.

grc says:”STUPID!”

Shouting exposes the lack of facts.

Really, word? Please do enlighten us with the “facts”.


I did not make the statement ”STUPID!”

There are no facts in your insult, that was the point.

The last time a California Governor signed an illegal alien drivers license law, he was recalled. This time there seems to be no outcry. Are Passports next?

there is a state passport?

winepapa says:”Are Passports next?”

I take it you don’t have a passport? Because you must be a citizen to have a US one.

Actually, passports are available in all countries…

I’ve seen non-US passports AND non-US citizens possessing them!


forgot to add the “dual citizenship” thing (which I thought was not legal in the US, but there seem to still be some).

r0y says: “Actually, passports are available in all countries…”

What part of my comment said passports are not available other countries?

Or did you not understand the context?

I posted the reply before I finished… meant to bring up the whole dual citizenship thing, but I botched it. So… yeah.