California overstated health insurance exchange Web traffic

October 3, 2013

obamacareCalifornia’s newly created health insurance exchange vastly overstated the traffic its website received Tuesday during the rollout of Obamacare. [LA Times]

Covered California’s website,, received 645,000 hits Tuesday, far fewer than the 5 million it initially reported, state officials said.

“Someone misspoke and thought it was indeed 5 million hits,” said Covered California spokesman Dana Howard. “That was incorrect.”

State officials stated the 5 million figure as not only a sign of strong consumer interest in the insurance exchange, but also as reason for users having difficulty in navigating the $313 million online enrollment system.

Technical problems delayed consumers during the first two days of enrollment under the federal healthcare law. Covered California shut down its website from 9 p.m. Tuesday to 7 a.m. Wednesday and again for two hours Wednesday morning.

Information on health plans was not loading properly and consumers endured long hold times, according to the state.

California is attempting to enroll more than 2 million people in the health insurance exchange in the next year. The target figure is larger than that of any other state.


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Yes this entire program of providing subsidized, affordable healthcare to low income people is a complete joke and people should be outraged, just as they should be outraged by:

Gun laws, abortion, gays, immigrants, minorities, the NSA, Benghazi, Jews, non- warrior worshipers, non-prison nation supporters, any government program I don’t profit from, any religion other than mine, and any people who are morally inferior to me and intolerant of my intrusion into their lives and bedrooms.

Double – WOW

I’m done with CCN and will not be posting any longer. I have my posts deleted and even the ones with inks to facts to back up what I am saying.

This is nothing more than a liberal extension of the new times.

Where the any one who is conservative liberal side of the isle is allowed to make off topic personal attacks at will and anyone who is conservative is censored…

The only comments deleted(2 so far) in this thread are from zaphod and r0y.

you may have neglected to submit your comment before you left the page.

attack the philosophy or idea not the person, discuss the article not our masthead. 99×100 your comment will appear.

???? or !!!! email please

your comment is a head scratcher ??? . the most recent of your deleted comments:Submitted on 2013/06/14 at 1:05 pm June 14.

which comment of yours did I miss or are you also posting under another username ? please respond via email.

Obama said it himself…you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.

Hahaha it’s like a perpetual “right wing ignorance on parade” here.

Actually the REAL story is how clueless old, white, well off people are about the cost of their own health insurance. The costs you are seeing for coverage on the state website are not materially different from the costs your employer has been paying for your comparable policy. Perhaps now you will appreciate just how expensive it is. Please remember to thank your boss tomorrow. And no, the Affordable Care Act will never be and was never intended to be affordable for you, the white and well off. That’s not how it works. It was intended to be affordable for low income people who could never in the past afford health insurance and were driven into medical related bankruptcy or death as a result. In order for health insurance to affordable for THEM, YOU (or your employer) and I (since I’m an employer) must pay more. And that is actually ok, a good outcome overall for our country. Private vs public best interest, a conservatives worst nightmare.

I see no reason I should pay more for someone else, no one has helped me get up and get going why do you people thinks its Ok for my insurance to rise to pay for someone else, we’ve got enough people on the dole and I’m tired of it.

Against my better judgment, I’ll try to engage in a dialogue with you. First, you admit that this program “…was never intended to be affordable for you, the white and well off.” OK, leaving aside the fact that SLO County demographics pretty much ensure that you too are white, how does it benefit anyone to make the plans deliberately unaffordable for a huge chunk of the population? Secondly, what is your definition of well-off? I am in my 40s making under 65K; by SLO County standards that is not wealthy. Lastly, I have done my time going without health insurance, also in the past needed assistance with Food Stamps and WIC when the stork dive-bombed us, but there was always a sense of embarrassment at having to take from others to meet my family’s needs. My response was to improve my situation with a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Since you claim to be an employer, do you really want employees who feel that the ubiquitous “they” are supposed to provide everything on a platter? Now let’s see if you can restrain your partisan impulses long enough actually to converse about issues in a civil way. This should be interesting. You have an opportunity to rise above yourself here.

First you say

“Actually the REAL story is how clueless old, white, well off people are about the cost of their own health insurance.”

then you say

“Perhaps now you will appreciate just how expensive it is. Please remember to thank your boss tomorrow.

Do you even realize that the these two groups are one in the same? You don’t know whether you’re coming or going do you? You’re just race baiting.

WOW – that is all I can say.

It’s the Robin Hood syndrome. Rob from the rich and give to the poor. The problem with that is, the poor will never have ambition to better themselves if it is always handed to them.

Except Robin Hood took back the confiscated wealth from the corrupt government and returned it to the people from whence it was stolen.

Liberals have this ridiculous sense of fairness. If I’m a person that makes good decisions that sacrifices and goes to school to get the skills to succeed. Works hard and have to spend time away from my family. Why is it fair to confiscate my money to pay for someone who made nothing but bad decisions did not go school and gets to spend all day every day with there family. Gets free housing free food and free health care all on my dime. How is that fair. How in your little liberal mind is that fair.

It is generally not LIBERALS who have the notion of “fair” per se; rather, it is progressives. They come in both liberal (Wilson, FDR, Carter, Obama, etc.) and conservative form (Teddy, GW Bush, etc).

It is the progressive mindset that truly believes Karl Marx was on to something; Trotsky was right, and it is only logical that Saul Alynski came up with his Rules for Radicals (book, their bible). Cloward and Piven usually get credit for the current “overload the system so it fails” policies of Bush and Obama, but it really was Leon Trotsky who inspired them.

The failed ideas and mental instabilities that come with progressivism can be dated back to the late 1800’s – provided you can find a textbook that hasn’t been whitewashed.

The biggest failure of McCarthyism was alloying them to crawl back into academia to incestuously regrow.

Very insightful post, r0y.