State board tosses petition for Cayucos students to attend Morro Bay High

October 3, 2013

school1A petition to transfer Cayucos High School students from the Coast Unified School District to the San Luis Coastal Unified School District has stalled on a technicality. [Tribune]

Numerous Cayucos parents have petitioned the California State Board of Education to approve the transfer, which would allow their children to attend high school in Morro Bay, rather than in Cambria. Morro Bay is approximately 10 miles closer to Cayucos than Cambria and takes about one third of the time to drive.

Cayucos has its own K-8 elementary school district, but the area has been part of the Coast Unified since 1972, when it merged with Cambria and two smaller districts.

A year ago, the San Luis Obispo County Committee on School District Organization denied the parents’ request to transfer their high school students from Coast Unified to San Luis Coastal, to which Morro Bay High School belongs. The parents then appealed to the state board.

But, the Board of Education said it would not hear the appeal because the transfer request did not meet Education Code guidelines. In order for a transfer to occur, the area of Cayucos must either merge entirely with San Luis Coastal or create its own K-12 district.

Cayucos parent and lead petition Gretchen Ross told the Tribune that the petition is dead, but the group is consulting attorneys.

“It never should have gone forward in the first place,” Ross told the Tribune. “I was advised to do the wrong thing by the County Office of Education.”

County Superintendent Julian Crocker said the state board ruling was “a bit complicated” and “a very interesting turn of events, to say the least.”


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You vill do as you are told! Do not ask questions, stay in line, do not look around. Especially don’t look behind the giant curtain.

This is a win for everyone. Coast Union will continue to be able to buy my kid an i-pad with Cayucos’s money.

— Pedro Garcia

By “everyone,” I mean “me.”

— Pedro

Ha! Racism, that’s funny!!

Little early to play the racism card, bro.

“Pedro Garcia” is a construct of the former chief administrator of Coast Union, used to sing praises of his administration.

Nice work Julian Crocker…bad advice, waste of time. What does a county office of education do anyway besides burning money?

Doing whatever the State Office tells them to. The State Office does what the National Office tells them to… and hence, Common Core fiasco.

And here I thought teachers were smarter than that. Give it a decade, and the idea of teacher will be drastically different, should we keep going with “Common Core” or whatever carrot is dangled in front of all the “sub” Education Offices/Departments by the Federal government and its big corporate interests.

Its all about the money – Coast Unified doesn’t care about the students, just the money they would lose if the students transfered.

The love of money is the root of all evil…

Never rely on government advice, it is wrong more often than not, and there is no recourse for the erroneous advice.

I love how many people can espouse these views, yet seem blinded by Obamacare. Oh, I’m sure the government will get THAT program right…

It’s like moving towards communism (or whatever marxism you’re comfortable with)… it failed every time it was tried, but this time will be different. It’s the definition of insanity, I believe.

r0y it is fascism.

NO choice is given, just everyone must do as I say!