Coastal Commission approves emergency repairs to Cayucos Pier

October 11, 2013

cayucospierThe California Coastal Commission approved emergency repairs to the Cayucos Pier at its meeting Thursday in San Diego. [Tribune]

The pier, which was built in 1872, has 14 missing pilings and several other damaged pilings, and it sags in several areas. The seaward half of the pier has been closed since July 5.

On Thursday, the Coastal Commission waived the county’s requirement to obtain a coastal development permit prior to doing the work. But, the commission only approved making temporary additions to the pier above the waterline.

At its October 22 meeting, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors will consider spending more than $500,000 of park project reserves and contingency funds to repair the pier.

The proposed changes are merely intended to keep the pier intact through winter storms.

Rebuilding the entire pier will cost approximately $2 million.


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Well, that was awfully big of them. Good grief, this decision is worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize…perhaps for Economics.

“But, the commission only approved making temporary additions to the pier above the waterline”

PHWAT??? Typical government entity…out of site out of mind. I wonder if anyone stopped to think what will hold up all of the above the water line repairs if no repairs are made under the water line.

$500,000 to fix what we can see or $2 million to replace the whole thing….I say replace the whole thing so we are not here again in 5 years…

I ask, how do you pay for it

Maybe we can borrow the money from the prison construction fund.