Fire causes power outage in Cambria

October 19, 2013

cambria fireUPDATE: PG&E has update the estimated time of power restoration to 10 p.m.

A power outage has left 611 PG&E customers without electricity in Cambria.

Shortly after 10:30 a.m., Cambria Community Services District firefighters responded to a transformer fire. Shortly afterwards, the fire was extinguished.

A PG&E repair crew is currently working to repair the damaged pole and transformer.

PG&E officials estimate that power will be restored by 10 p.m.


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Wow what is going on with PGand E. 2 weeks ago there was an outage in the west part of AG for hours because birds flew into the line(?). Then the next week on the east side an 8 hour outage because of a fire in a vault, now Cambria because of a transformer fire.

I don’t feel as though PGand E is keeping their equipment maintained and I think the stores are all a cover up.

It just seems bizarre to have a big outage every week. Any one else believe P G and E or do you too think this is their fault?

Hope Diablo is safer than their transformers…

It should be. Transformers have finite lives and this stuff happens regularly somewhere. It shouldn’t be a big deal because it should be expected now and then.

And nuke power plants melt down more and more, which are changing our expectations and becoming more acceptable to us.