Mayor’s husband arrested for drug dealing

October 19, 2013

mayp montThe husband of Montebello’s mayor was arrested Thursday for dealing drugs near a school.

Ruben Guerrero, 44, allegedly sold methamphetamine and other narcotics near the Montebello Intermediate School, not far from his home.

Mayor Christina Cortez told the Los Angeles Times she was “very disappointed and, like everyone else, shocked.”

More than a month ago, Montebello Police Chief Kevin McClure informed the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department that the mayor’s husband was suspected of selling meth. Sheriff deputies made the arrest.

Last year, Montebello Fire Department arson investigators looked into a “suspicious” fire that burned Cortez’s Chevrolet Suburban.

Earlier this year, Montebello Councilman Frank Gomez unsuccessfully sought a restraining order against Guerrero. Gomez said the mayor’s husband had made threats.


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Failing to catch what the hell Montebello has to do with the central coast.

“Failing to catch” Yes you did.

“Failing to catch what the hell Montebello has to do with the central coast.”

One look at the modern day downtown San Luis Obispo and the people who live here, it’s pretty apparent we have become the northernmost outpost of Los Angeles sprawl and culture. This might as well be considered “local” news.

That’s one way to finance a campaign. Meth dealers with ties to the Mayor??” Mikey, we’re bigger than AT&T”.

…. and the wife didn’t know??

Maybe he was just trying to help the city balance their budget? ;)



Montebello is a good example of why people moved to Orange & San Diego Counties

And then they leave Orange County for Morro Bay. And then they fire City Management in their new playground.

What the heck? He didn’t just start selling meth one day, he had to be doing this for some time and I have a difficult time believing that the mayor knew nothing about it. Honestly, the mayors husband, geeezzzz. She needs to step down.

LOL, you’ve never seen breaking bad, have you Cindy?