Smoker shows gun in ASH parking lot

October 25, 2013

gunA man showed a gun in the parking lot of Atascadero State Hospital Wednesday after an ASH employee asked him to stop smoking. [KSBY]

ASH police officers arrested Fredrick Hamilton, 36, for exhibiting a firearm, bringing a weapon onto prison grounds and making a terrorist threat.

No injuries occurred as a result of the incident

Hamilton is in San Luis Obispo County Jail on $50,000 bail.


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Smoking had been banned at all state prisons and mental facilities since 2005.

That means so tobacco on grounds for workers or inmates/ patients.

Second: I don’t know about you but I don’t take to kindly to having a loaded shot gun sitting next to a mentally deranged man who is telling me that he wants to shoot someone. There is a preschool with in feet of where this happened. I think you are all sick how you down play what had happened here. We don’t know how sick this man was and we don’t know how far he would have gone.

Lastly, shmed, did you get caught by the fat lazy hpo’s? Is that why you are a former employee? At one time you yourself were a government working ASHOLE.

Big Pharma v. Big Tobacco

…at least tobacco users are open with their medication and to socialize and vent in society….

A parking ls a transitory space where diesel trucks, automobile exhaust is expected to occur.

The premise of this whole story is an ASH employee asked someone to stop smoking in a parking lot.

Now, society has another mouth to feed in our “Department of Corrections” at something north of $75/K to manage.

Let’s say Hamilton is guilty of something. He’s no Rosa Parks but he’s not Bin Laden somewhere between and Hamilton doesn’t look like a Jihadist.

It’s no wonder why this country has the highest per capita inmate population with a self-fulfilling prophetic policies towards this utopian social fascist existence….

What makes me sick is how the spin doctors are already at work convicting this guy in the court of public opinion.

Appears you are regurgitating hearsay comments from Ryan Navarre, legal counsel for the California Statewide Law Enforcement Association who is quoted in the Tribune.

So to follow Navarre who appears to be acting as a spokesman for ASH or SLOC DA’s office and is making prejudicial statements that are political motives…or something to that effect….get it?

Watchdog 101, I apologize to the HPOs.for the insult. No, they did not “catch me” at anything. It’s been more than ten years since I’ve been there. Maybe now they help you in a violent takedown? The short article was misleading at best. Still 101, smoking in the parking lot? That’s my issue. A waste of HPOs time.

As a former employee and raised in SLO, I now remember why I live on a tropical island far away. Used to have to go to the courtyard for a smoke, with the “patients”. The parkinglot ?

ASH is so bad for your health. A smoke is the least of your worries. Get out why you still can.

I would have just taken the pistol and ordered him off of the State property. Confiscated guns can be sold back with additional charges that may include all time spent on the event. A zero cost opportunity rather than prosecuting stupidity with free food and lodging needs to be considered where practical.

WHAT?! …and miss an opportunity to call this a TERRORIST THREAT!? nevah!!

It was a shotgun, not a pistol. He also said he was going to shoot someone if he wasn’t admitted. This was a mentally disturbed person threatening to kill someone with a gun. Not a smoker defending their rights to smoke.

Thanks for the corrected information but I could see how Jorge made incorrect assumptions about what happened. First, the article didn’t have enough details about the situation. Second, I guess CCN is as bad as, say, Yahoo about posting inappropriate photos to accompany news articles. (I am assuming they know the difference between a pistol and a shotgun.)

Pistols make sexier stories.

I believe the article advised he said ” I will fire off a few rounds if that’s what it takes to get admitted. I don’t think he threatened to shoot anyone. Wow, how screwed up information gets. He wanted some help but probably wasn’t to clear on his choices. I guess with mental instability , you might have that. Just sayin.

Only $50,000 bail??? Ludicrous!

Doesn’t that fool judge realize more than 440,000 Americans DIE EVERY YEAR from cigarette smoking??? EVERY YEAR!

(The gun thing is waaaay less dangerous, with about 30,000 deaths per year, and two thirds of those are suicides.)

“…and making a terrorist threat.”

Government 1, People 0

What a tangled web of bad karma that will come to the guy who made the complaint.

A self-righteous knucklehead like that is bound to stick his own foot in his mouth.

Priorities is right.

Really ASH? No smoking tobacco “on campus”, even in a parking lot. Smoking in the parking lot shouldn’t be a crime, which doesn’t warrant Hamilton from brandishing a gun, but this march towards a utopian social fascist society is not sustainable and only leads to more inmates we have to deal with.

Hamilton will get off on felony probation, lose his rights to gun ownership, and the goody two-shoes ASH employee who ask him to stop smoking is relishing in the glory of all this justice.

Pfff….priorities people, priorities.

You want to pucker some Ashholes, give em ALL a piss test. The trampling of the fourth

Amendment should apply to government workers and the union thieves who protect them.

First up should be the fat lazy hospital police officers. (HPO,s).