Cal Poly Republicans petition against CSU club policy

November 4, 2013

calpolyThe Cal Poly College Republicans are petitioning to reverse a California State University system policy that mandates open enrollment in campus clubs. [Mustang News]

In 2011, former CSU Chancellor Charles Reed issued Executive Order 1068, requiring membership in university-affiliated clubs to be open to everyone, with the exception of sex discrimination in fraternities, sororities and other living groups.

“The crux of the open membership requirement is that all leadership and membership positions in every club have to be open to any student,” said College Republicans President Nate Honeycutt. “In my opinion, that really defeats the purpose of a club.”

The College Republicans are currently requiring Republican registration to gain membership into its club.

In addition to launching a petition to overturn the policy, Honeycutt authored a letter to Cal Poly and Associated Students, Inc. officials stating the Republican club’s opposition to the executive order.

“We would welcome any students to come to our meetings and hear what we’re about,” he said. “But, with an open membership requirement we aren’t able to protect our club and the mission and values we embody.”

About 10 years ago, a group of liberal students joined the College Republicans and created a voting block that negated the conservative stances of other members, Honeycutt said.

Cal Poly Vice President of Student Affairs Keith Humphrey said the university is recognizing the petition, but it does not have the authority to override the executive order.

“The current petition being circulated by the College Republicans at Cal Poly will be treated fairly and welcomed as all other student expressions of free speech,” Humphrey said.


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It’s funny how the “Left” uses tactics that the “Right” wouldn’t use, or even think of. Really, Joining a club that held the exact opposite of your views just to mess with them? Somehow that seems like suppression of the freedom of speech to me.

The Cal Poly chapter of the KKK objected to a rule they must admit any members who want to join.

“We would welcome any students to come to our meetings and hear what we’re about,” a college KKK spokesman in a white hood said. “But, with an open membership requirement we aren’t able to protect our club and the mission and values we embody. It might pollute our membership.”

Wow. You waste no time stooping to new lows. Do you even understand the gravity of what you’re comparing these students to? All because you have an axe to grind with republicans? I guess to you all Prius drivers are tree huggers, all blondes are stupid, all Asians are bad drivers, all Muslims are terrorists, etcetera.

This issue affects more than the republicans, they just happen to be the group spearheading the issue. The real groups being hurt by the open membership policy are the Honor Societies. How can an honor society be an honor society if they are now required to let in students with failing grades? That’s right…they can’t be.

Maybe instead of lining up with the other sheep to belong to some clique, people should just try thinking for themselves for a change. Oops, I know that’s a shocking, almost criminal, thing to say here in our brave new world.

Isn’t Cal Poly – or any College or University – technically a closed club with strict membership requirements? Sure, everyone may apply or buy their overpriced merchandise, attend games (paying for tickets and parking), etc., but is everyone allowed to attend?

It is like having Open Primaries in political elections. It is a stupid idea that promotes these kinds of shenanigans. Both the right and the left abuse open primaries wherever they can, making a farce of the political party election process… let the “parties” have their primaries, and leave the actual elections open. Period. It is a no-brainer, yet we have people who really cannot see that.

A stupid idea for sure.

Republicans should be made to only have clubs and meetings with there own people.

Perhaps they can try and shut down Cal Poly untill they get there demands, just like daddy.

“But, with an open membership requirement we aren’t able to protect our club and the mission and values we embody.”

How sad that they have to let in “other people”

I counted 1 brown face in the pictures on the site, that also has clips on bengazi, hanity, coulter and more.

What does race have to do with anything? What if everyone in the club was “brown” does that mean there would be “diversity?” No. Intellectual diversity is far more important than racial diversity. And clips with Hannity, Coulter. etcetera: wow! of all the nerve [sarcasm implied]. What else did you expect…it’ a republican club!

What would be the purpose of a republican club if they had to let in democrats, or the purpose of a democrat club if they had to let in republicans? What would be the purpose of a green energy club if they had to let in advocates for fossil fuels? What would be the purpose of a pacifist society if they had to let in warmongers? Could an honor society still be an honor society if they had to let in failing students? Clubs should not be open to everyone–that would be pathetic and completely defeat the purpose of a club existing. The university is attempting to create diversity within clubs instead of protecting diversity among clubs.

(A note for reference: discriminating against protected classes has never been and should not be allowed).

These kinds of political plays foisted upon us by entrenched progressives needs to be exposed and done away with. The same tactics are used in the federal arena as well. Crush the other side rather than debate. Bring down your opposition rather than discuss the issues honestly. That is the new way…what a shame. What in the world is a CSU Chancellor doing grabbing that much unrestricted power as to write an executive order like this? It flies in the face of freedom and liberty and I’m sure if challenged it would not hold muster with the Supreme court. Kudos to the Cal Poly College Republicans for launching this petition. Memo to constitutionally minded Americans…do not except this nonsense. Fight back!

I am not a big fan of either major political party but you are dead-on right on this issue. Club membership of any sort should not be open to those who don’t share the general philosophical values or interests of the club. I wonder if a gay-rights organization would have to be open (including officers) to a bunch of fundamentalists who regard homosexuality as sinful (or worse?)

If this decision holds, the only option I can see is for clubs adversely affected to dis-affiliate with the University. Isolating an organization for students from the University doesn’t seem to make sense to me unless their is overwhelming evidence of wrong-doing (such as persistently dangerous frat hazing.)

I agree OTOH…I also think the actions by Mr. Reed and others like him was and is to water down the College Republican’s and other “conservative” and faith based university clubs. That is just a hunch. Coincidentally; this story is similar to the story of the Morro Bay man ‘s successful law suit… Freedom to associate. The 1st amendment is #1 for a reason and political speech and the freedom to associate is paramount.

John Barta’s (the morro bay man) successful law suit resulted in this statement from the judge” State legislatures have no power under the First Amendment to regulate the membership and internal operations of county political parties”

That is true…and the same should hold true for University Affiliated Clubs.

CSU Chancellors should have no power under the first amendment to regulate the membership and internal operations of University Affiliated Clubs.

“do not except this nonsense.” No we wont, thats why State University system has this policy. Less nonsence.

Oh Cal Poly is hiding behind the rationale that the entire CSU is doing this…. much like the UC has done on restricting free speech.

The problem is more than restricting freedom of association… it has to do with completely opening up groups that have self selected… like honor societies… which are already open to all those of a certain minimum grade point average (now they would be open to anyone… anyone could now claim membership in an honor society… well, faking it has always been the Cal Poly way after all.)…. and religious groups would have to open their memberships to all, including those hostile to their beliefs.

They haven’t gone after sororities and fraternities… but you know thats next.

omg…does that apply to my country club? on the otherhand let’s remember R. Dangerfield.