Drone crashes into Navy ship off California coast

November 18, 2013

droneAn American drone crashed into a Navy ship off the coast of Southern California Saturday afternoon, injuring two sailors. [RT]

The $4 million Reaper drone veered out of control during an operation testing the USS Chancellorsville’s combat weapons system. Navy Lt. Lenaya Rotklein said the drone was being used to test the ship’s radar.

Earlier last week, a drone crashed on Lake Ontario, prompting the suspension of all drone flights in Central New York.

An average of 9.31 accidents occur for every 100,000 hours of drone flight, according to a 2012 Bloomberg study.

The two injured sailors received treatment for minor burns. The missile carrier is returning to the San Diego Naval Base, where officials will assess the damage.

The Navy has opened an investigation into the causes of the Southern California drone crash.


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KAMAKAZI does not mean avoid radar. Whoops…….wrong switch..