Shots fired at gang member in Paso Robles

November 18, 2013

gunPaso Robles police are searching for suspects who fired shots at a 21-year-old gang member early Sunday morning.

No injuries occurred in the shooting, but several shots hit a parked car and a residence in the 800 block of Oak St. around 12:30 a.m. Sunday.

Witnesses reported seeing a black vehicle with four Hispanic males inside prior to the shooting. The 21-year-old target of the shooting is believed to have exchanged words with the people inside the vehicle about 15 minutes before shots were fired.

The family of the man targeted told officers that the shooting occurred due to his gang affiliation.

The Paso Robles Police Department Special Enforcement Team is investigating the shooting with the assistance of the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department Gang Task Force and county probation department.

Police encourage anyone with information about the shooting to contact law enforcement.


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SuperDave: I really like your comment, ”

“You don’t have to be a Liberal to turn your back on Americans, just greedy and lustfull for power.”

We see that over and over don’t we? #$%@&# !!!

Nortenos making a play for some southern turf?

Actually, the shooting was up in the little Tijuana area of Paso–North Spring. It was the 2800 block of Oak St., not 800 block. Same area as previous stabbings, drive-by’s, etc. The Oak Park housing complex used to have a Paso PD substation but thanks to Lisa Chitty’s direction, it was closed. It’s a dangerous area after dark & will only get worse when the Uptown Project/Park are built in that same neck of the woods.

That very PD substation had bars on it’s windows for a reason.

That was never a “substation” and there were never bars on the window. It was an office for the officer that was assigned to that area.

Brass knuckle attacks on store clerks, shootings, stabbings, and more. This is our California destiny at the current rate. The rich can move out, we can’t. Cops try with battered budgets, but people like Jim App dump millions into street beautification, celebrations, Green projects and other wastes. You don’t have to be a Liberal to turn your back on Americans, just greedy and lustfull for power.

Wake up to the last great days of The States- United No More…

I wonder if they are some of the dreamers we hear so much about. I’m sure they will make fantastic citizens. We are pinning our hopes of the future solvency not only of social security but now Obamacare on these wonderful people who just had the misfortune of coming here without documents. Dream on Dreamers

Ah the underbelly sh*t of society in Paso.