Former deputy remains in jail on bank robbery charge

November 27, 2013
Bruce Valentine

Bruce Valentine

Former Santa Barbara County sheriff’s deputy Bruce Valentine will remain in San Luis Obispo County on a bank robbery charge for at least two more weeks unless he can raise $250,000 bail. [Tribune]

Valentine, 70, is charged with robbing Rabobank in Cambria on Nov. 7.

At Valentine’s arraignment Tuesday, eight family members sat in the audience and one said that they do not believe Valentine committed the crime. Attorney Ken Cirisan said he had just received a thick case file.

Witnesses said the bank robbery suspect was wearing a mask and a hood and drove away in a Hyundai two door-coupe.

Judge Michael Duffy scheduled the next hearing for Dec. 10. Before that date, the county probation department may recommend lowering the $250,000 bail or releasing Valentine on his own recognizance.


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I had the dumb undeserved misfortune to spend a couple of days in the SLO clink some time

back. This guy looks like one of the some creep deputy guards who think they are hot feces

and can treat anyone any way they like. Best of bad luck in the slammer, jerk.

give me a break….if this is the same Valentine who use to live in Templeon back in the 80’s, this is not his first pony ride. Go check his record. If indeed he is the same Valentine, he use to work at the cannon years ago and got in some trouble working out there!