Morro Bay man hit by car

November 15, 2013

CHP@A Morro Bay bicyclist was hospitalized with major injuries Thursday night after he was hit by a car on Highway 1. [KSBY]

Shortly after 6 p.m., Garry Kolb, 72, entered the 13th Street off-ramp in Morro Bay. Steven McGregor, 37, noticed the bicyclist as he entered the off-ramp in the number two lane.

Kolb then turned to cross the off-ramp right in front of McGregor’s car.

Emergency personnel transported Kolb, who had major injuries, to a local hospital for treatment.



I heard today that the doctor is up and about and doing well – such wonderful news.


I am interested how you know that Dr. Kolb is doing good? He is our Doctor and are very concerned about his horrible accident. I would appreciate a response.

Thank you

Niles Q

I doubt someone with major injuries would be up and around in three days. But we should pray that is the case.


You are correct, doctor Kolb is recovering surprisingly well. He is a very strong willed and physically fit 72 year old.

To the people making assumptions regarding the cause of the accident, please stop because that is not fair. We have only heard one account of the accident and that is from the driver of the car. Unfortunately there were no witnesses.

But to reiterate what many people are concerned about, doctor Kolb is doing very well considering what happened. The doctor does not like to sit still so expect him back at work as soon as the hospital gives him the O.K.


I always thought it was strange that our vehicle code allows bicycles to ride in among the cars and trucks. They have no chance at all if struck, what would be a tiny fender bender if they were in a car becomes a fatality on a bike. Too bad we didn’t plan better with small bike lanes away from vehicle lanes, like the one they made out of abandoned rail right of way in Coeur d’Alene Idaho. And now, with the new law that says cars have to stay 3′ from bikes at all times the frustration and animosity will be skyrocketing.


“I always thought it was strange that our vehicle code allows bicycles to ride in among the cars and trucks.”

Think about the evolution of our roads; from cow paths to wagon trails, from dirt roads and gravel, to concrete and asphalt, everything has always been about moving as much as possible as easily as possible, and bicycles are part of that solution. Having completely separate roadways and/or lanes next to existing roadways “might” be the best solution, but the expense is what stops that from happening. The solution is most likely a mind-set shift in how we view the rights and safety of all vehicles upon the roadway (and yes, by vehicle code definition, a bicycle is a “vehicle”). One of the best examples that we could learn from is the The Netherlands; some seventy percent of citizens ride a bicycle for commuting, at least part time. Sure, they have the luxury of having very flat terrain, but the culture has embraced the bicycle to the degree that cyclists are an integrated factor in traffic and given an equal respect by motorists.

Just because you are in your car or truck, going to work, the doctor or shopping, you are no more “important” than any other person on the roadway. Most who choose to cycle also own a motor vehicle, so they do pay for the roadways as well. Every bicycle on the streets and highways is one less polluting motorized vehicle, and in neighborhoods and downtowns, one less parking space as well. I do understand that cyclists can at times be rude, but their vehicle is not going to cause someone else to die if they are not paying attention. Please remember also that when you are traveling at 65 mph, your vehicle is traveling almost 100 feet for each second; pay attention and try to be patient.


I agree everyone needs to be patient and that includes the cyclist being patient! And if you read the article carefully, you’ll see the motorist saw the cyclist and the cyclist pulled out in front of the vehicle. And how can you say “their vehicle is not going to cause someone else to die if they are not paying attention”? The negligence of the cyclist has most likely ruined this motorist life! All the way around this is a tragic story, regardless of the circumstance. My heart goes out the man hit and man who hit him. At the end of the day we need to remember this is an ACCIDENT, none of this was intentional.


I suppose we have no choice now, we must ban all cars from Hwy 1.

Sarah Bellum

Take a look at tojofay’s linked article below and California Vehicle Code Section 21200 before making comments about banning vehicles from the highway.


I think it was sarcasm.

Sarah Bellum

No duh.


So is this article saying the motorist should be cited regardless or the cyclist outcome?

Sarah Bellum

Only if you deliberately misconstrue it, smart aleck.


It must have been Cayucos as there is not a 13th St. off ramp in Morro Bay. I have come close to hitting several bicyclists on Hwy 1 at the off ramps when they are on the right hand shoulder & have tried to cross over to the left side to stay on the highway directly in front of me. As a bicyclist you might have the right a way but don’t be dead right by cutting across in front of a vehicle. As a motorist, slow down! I pray that Dr. Kolb is ok & makes a speedy recovery.


He entered the off ramp or was he crossing it? and by who’s account? And a question for everyone: what is the big hurry? Just watch folks race from stop light to stop light – insane.


Gary has been my physician for years. I hope you make a full recovery. Best wishes.


In reading the linked article and pulling up Google maps, it appears this accident happened in Cayucos, not Morro Bay. Also, it appears that the cyclist may not have made sure the lane was clear before he attempted to cross over it, and possibly the motorist may have been going too fast for the off ramp; I for one am not going to say this is the fault of any one individual, but most likely happened due to a combination of factors. If the motorist had been more careful about approaching the cyclist, if the cyclist had been more aware of the approaching vehicle, perhaps this would not have happened. I do wish the cyclist a full recovery, and if I have summarized the events correctly as to what happened, I do not believe the motorist should be cited. The accident was most unfortunate.


It is also fairly dark now at 6PM. If the cyclist didn’t have appropriate lighting and bright clothing, that may have been a factor.