Paso Robles robber beats store clerk

November 16, 2013
Heriberto Rodriguez II

Heriberto Rodriguez II

Paso Robles police arrested a man for allegedly stealing beer and then beating a Smart and Final clerk in the head with brass knuckles on Thursday.

Shortly before 7 p.m., the store clerk spotted two Paso Robles men attempting to steal a 20-pack of beer and attempted to stop the men.

Heriberto Rodriguez II, 23, began beating the clerk. Jaime Gil Jr., 18, and Rodriguez then fled the scene.

An officer reviewing the stores surveillance video recognized one of the suspects and tracked them to a residence.

Police arrested Rodriguez on suspicion of robbery and assault with a deadly weapon and Gil on suspicion of felony robbery and a probation violation and booked them into the San Luis Obispo County Jail.



Build more prisons.


Seems to be a lot of anti-prison posters here, this guy is just the type of person that needs to spend the rest of his life in prison! If you want to stop the over-crowding don’t put minor, non-violent offenders in prisons. Put drug offenders into rehab, put the petty (non-violent) thieves into community service, IE picking up trash etc. This scum took those brass knuckles with him intending to use them, he didn’t care if he killed the clerk or not.


Man, these guys were willing to hit someone in the head with brass knuckles over a 20-pack of beer? It was probably crap beer too.


This clerk was lucky, on Friday two Hispanic men shot and killed a clerk at a

Check ‘N Go store in Chino. That kind of crime is not unusual for that area.

You can read more about it on ABC channel 7 news site.

LE did a good job in that case too, and arrested both of the killers.


Good job Paso PD. One less low life on the street


Oh he’ll be back, the catch and release California system will coddle then release him. Solution? Contract with the Russians and put them in the Black Dolphin prison. End of problem.


Maxfusion says: “the catch and release California system”

So you want to raise everyone’s taxes to imprison more people?

Also “beating a Smart and Final clerk” is wrong and deserves jail time but it does not qualify for the black dolphin.

While Wall Street crooks walk, thousands sit in California prisons for life over crimes as trivial as stealing socks

Don’t let me disturb your fact free afternoon.


Fact free, and then you reference the rolling stone. Whaaa ha ha ha whaaaaa ha whooo ha ha—- By the way, did you miss the part about the brass knuckles?

In the matter of raising taxes, I’d much rather pay to see this cretin’s life made miserable than finance the indiscriminate breeding by irresponsible welfare queens.


So in your world (our country with the highest rate of incarceration in the world) the catch and release prison system has no connection to the cycle of poverty welfare system we can all be so proud of ?

Raise taxes to build more prisons, what a good idea Maxfusion.


Could we potentially have the highest incarceration rates because we have the finest law enforcement in the world? Or maybe the least corrupt legal system? Just some food for thought.


They’re lucky I’m not the one who decides punishments, I would give the death penalty to someone who would “Beat a Smart and Final Clerk” with brass knuckles for a 20 pack of beer.


Really? That would result in hundreds of state sponsored executions every day. You could have a cable channel with pay per view, invite all your friends.

Reminds me of the chinese commies, good job shelworth!


Giving a government authority to kill its own citizens is NEVER a good idea. Nothing good ever comes of it.


Well said Word! It is time that we realize how much this “throw the book at everyone” mentality is costing everyone. It is also the reason that the prisons are so over-crowded that the courts are forcing us to turn so many loose.

If more judgment were allowed in the sentencing process, maybe judges with some insight as to the odds of rehabilitation in a given case could decide how harsh a punishment would be effective. There would still be problems and errors but it would have to be better than having sentences determined by grand-standing legislators and voters propagandized by fear-mongers.

Unfortunately, giving judges more leeway in sentencing probably wouldn’t help (and might hurt) efforts to get justice for the crooks on Wall Street, bad cops and the politically collected at all levels. But that seems like an unsolvable problem since such people either write the laws or enforce them and always seem to work around attempts at justice for ALL.


Not reported here, but in the Tribune Mr. Rodriquez was out pending additional charges. How much rehab do you think he will need. Another hopeless loser for sure.


“While the European prison system is shrinking, the American system is overcrowded, expensive, and growing. The United States has the highest prison population in the world, with more than 2.2 million inmates. That number rose from 1.9 million in 2000.”

Forcing criminals to become productive members of society instead of paying for them to hang and learn new tricks and friends with other criminals. ohh scary social policies! The outrage!

This is one of the reasons we can’t have nice things in America.


You are seeing this through a narrow prism. Expand your view. Look at the “world’s prisons” and tell me they’re close to the same. Many countries still have political prisoners (i.e. they just don’t sick the IRS and NSA after them).

Without a purpose, people will turn to crime. We have no jobs, no education, and thanks to an over-abundance of welfare, no dignity. It is a recipe for disaster, and we’re seeing it via the increase in crimes (large and small). Idle minds and all that.


You are right about the Wall Street Crooks. They are crooks and so far no major Wall Street Crook has even been criminally charged. It is disgusting.

It is also disgusting that some sit in prison for life for a “third” minor crime of stealing a pair of socks. CA voters corrected the “third” crime being a minor crime, but still counting as the third strike. However, that was only for those committing crimes in the future. Those already in jail for minor third crimes are still screwed.

Which brings us to the case in point. Word, what do you think the penalty should be for beating a store clerk in the head with brass knuckles while stealing a 20 pack of beer?


As long as we are going to forget education and compassion to go full vengeance as a justice system, then let the clerk or a proxy have at the perp (eye for a eye).

This way we can stop pretending it’s about anything but revenge and profits.


Word says “While Wall Street crooks walk, thousands sit in California prisons for life over crimes as trivial as stealing socks”. Socks, huh ?

You’re right, Word. There is the Redondo Beach case of a guy doing 25 years for his third “strike” stealing a slice of pizza. Truly.

Except, what the libs don’t tell you, is he didn’t slip up to a pizza kitchen window and take a slice of a pie cooling in the window, he approached a table of CHILDREN whose adults were many steps away, and STRONG ARM ROBBED and terrorized young children and grabbed the property (food).

Contrary to stealing a “pair of socks”, Word, strong arm daylight robbery of children is EXACTLY the sort of crime that the public enacted the three strikes law for. Three strikes is a brilliant concept. I say pack the prisons with everybody who doesn’t get the clue after two criminal or felony convictions.