Paso Robles woman accused in death of daughter tries to reverse plea

November 26, 2013
Erin Martin

Erin Martin

A Paso Robles woman attempted to withdraw her plea of no contest Monday to causing the death of her three-year-old daughter. [Tribune]

Prosecutors initially charged Erin Martin, 45, with murder and assaulting a child under 8 after her baby, Grace, died in June 2010. The baby died two days after Martin called 911.

In October, Martin pled no contest to child neglect with an enhancement for causing death.

On Dec. 9, Judge Jacquelyn Duffy will consider the motion made Monday by Martin’s attorney Keen Cirisan to withdraw the no contest plea.

In a preliminary hearing, a medical examiner testified that the baby was a victim of blunt force trauma.

Cirisan argued the baby had a myriad of health issues and that CPR could have caused the trauma.



This animal wants to withdraw her no contest plea? She had better be replacing that with a ‘guilty plea.’ Who in the world would beat their indefensible 3 month old baby to death then try to get off? — let alone be able to live with herself? She deserves nothing less than to be covered in molasses and thrown to the ants.