SLO coin store rammed with U-Haul

November 1, 2013

131030005 BurglaryBurglars rammed a San Luis Obispo coin shop with a U-Haul truck early Wednesday morning before looting the store.

Around 5 a.m. Wednesday, San Luis Obispo police officers responded to the report of a burglary in process at California Coin & Stamp at 253 Granada Drive.

The burglars rammed the front door of the shop in order to break inside. The suspects then abandoned the truck on the scene and fled prior to the arrival of officers.

Investigators are unaware of how much the burglars stole from the shop. The owner of the business has been conducting inventory among the rubble.


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I’ve always gotten along well with the owner and his wife. They seem like good people. They’re older folks – I hope they can recover from this.

Let’s build a homeless shelter down the street!

Let’s make comments that reflect our paranoia without considering that you need, at minimum. a credit card to rent a UHaul!

It doesn’t take a credit card to steal a U-Haul.

Touche’… I gotta admit you nailed me on that one.