Atascadero program supports homeless children

December 2, 2013

foodA new program is providing meals to 25 homeless children in Atascadero each week.

Crossroads Church sponsors the program that provides a backpack full of food for the children to take with them as they leave the Santa Rosa Elementary School each Friday. Prior to Thanksgiving, church leaders asked for holiday type food items.

In addition to the food drive, the church is asking people to adopt one of the 22 homeless families for Christmas. Donors will be given the age and sizes of the children in the family.

Depending on the size of the family, donors will be asked to bring one to five wrapped packages to the church for delivery before Christmas.



There are several programs already in Atascadero. The churches have the “gift trees”, Loaves and Fishes provides food to all local residents in need, the Coat Program, the Christmas Program (toys and food baskets), the Salvation Army, etc. not to mention the homeless shelter with their meal program and obvious housing with those great new showers being installed. If these folks are homeless where do they cook and store the food? I don’t understand the need for yet another program. Enough already, just support what is already available. Loaves and Fishes and the Homeless Shelter are the best!