Fast and Furious actor dies in crash

December 2, 2013

Paul walkerSanta Barbara resident “Fast and Furious” actor Paul Walker died Saturday afternoon in a fiery car crash in Valencia. [NYPost]

Best known for his role in auto-racing movies, the 40-year-old died while joy riding as a passenger in a cherry-red Porsche Carrera. The speeding sports car struck a light pole, then a tree before bursting into flames.

Both Walker and the driver Roger Rodas, 38, were pronounced dead at the scene. The coroner is working to positively identify the men through dental records because their bodies were burned beyond recognition.

Walker is the father of a 15-year-old girl. His sixth “Fast and Furious” film grossed more than $788 million.


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Has nothing to do with racing. Has to do with inane dorks watching inane movies with zero


When you lose control of your car at 55 miles per hour you may crash at 55 mph if you lose control at 100 mph you will crash at 100 mph…take your pick.

WHY IS THIS SUCH A HUGE STORY???? Who cares? He may have been a nice fellow but so are many others. So he was in some goofball movies goofballs liked to watch. Cause

he made a lot of money? So did Hasselhoff. Cause he had a kid? So did Manson. Cause he was into cars? So was Henry Ford (a Nazi sympathizer).

Why I ask you. Why?

I have to agree. It’s not Elvis or M.J. I’d never heard of the guy two days ago, though he sounds decent. Hollywood is so over-inflated with self importance. Idiots are actually collecting and trading broken bits of car parts from the accident scene. Good grief. I can’t imagine why CCN feels this is pertinent SLO County news.

I’m guessing it’s the IRONY of the cause of death… live by the racing… die by the racing. That sort of thing.

Pfft. Still don’t care. Not important enough for a satirist to scribble on a napkin at a

coffee break.