Capps’ aide arrested for hit and run

December 6, 2013
Raymond Morua

Raymond Morua

An aide to Congresswoman Lois Capps allegedly critically injured a women in a hit and run incident Friday.

Shortly after midnight, Raymond Morua, 32, struck the 27-year-old woman in Santa Barbara, police said. After glancing at the woman, he drove off and parked on a dead end street, police said.

Witnesses followed Morou who then took off and crashed his car into a palm tree.

Officers booked him into the Santa Barbara County Jail for drunk driving and hit and run. Morou had a BAC of .17, more than twice the legal limit.

Morua works as a constituent liaison for Capps.

“I am truly heartbroken at the news of this tragic event. My heart goes out to the victim and her family and friends in this trying time, and my prayers are with them,” Capps said in a press release. “It would be inappropriate for me to comment further on this legal matter and I have complete trust in our local authorities.”



Drunk drivers are just as evil as criminals with guns. Capps hiring of a drunk driver aided and abetted the commission of a violent crime.


This is just more of the GOP ‘war on women’.


Central Coast Benghazi. We had better keep Lois if we want to continue the betterment of our area. Any Republican will simply be snatched up to serve billionaires and anti-abortionists. How did those two ever join up?


“Central Coast Benghazi” Not even close and besides who was forced to take a leave of absence and cancel a book because of:

” Logan apologized and took responsibility for the false account saying, “The most important thing to every person at ’60 Minutes’ is the truth, and today the truth is that we made a mistake.””


Slomike, The district is set up to elect a Democrat, so why wouldn’t Democrats choose a candidate that can contribute to governance and not be a placeholder like Capps. Get a grip. We need capable, thinking people, who aren’t afraid of their own shadow. Republicans don’t have much of a chance to win in this district so Democrats can choose a really good candidate and still be guaranteed a win.


The decision has been made already. Her daughter, Laura, is being primed to take her place as the next Democrat puppet. She has worked for Bill Clinton, Edward Kennedy, worked on Kerry’s campaign. married her husband, Bill Burton. press secretary for SENATOR Obama, one of the first hired in his campaign, assistant press secretary for President Obama and currently a senior strategist with Priorities USA Action and Priorities USA, political organizations focused on advancing policies and candidates for the party. We are stuck with Laura Capps come the next election!


I would take another, more effective Democrat if he showed up to challenge. But, I would definitely take Lois over Maldonado or (shudder) McCarthy regardless of party. Never knew about Laura. Don’t get around much anymore.

fishing village

How very sad for everyone. The family of the injured woman, everyone.


I hadn’t realized how important the incarcerated constituency was to the local Democratic party. Gotta hand it to them for an impressive outreach effort.


This isn’t the same aide that rents a room in her house that she forgot to declare the income of, is it?


is it?

—or isn’t it?

idle minds want to know.


I’ll bet it’s not the first one.


dirty politics “republicans”


This is the biggest problem in the US today. Not immigration, not lack of jobs..this over shadows all..alcoholism. Families are being ruined, lives (like this gentleman and the person he hit) are forever changed as are their entire families. Something needs to be done. Not new laws, but enforcment of laws already on the books. Pople who sell alcohol to people who are drunk should be prosecuted along with the alcoholic they sold to.


“People who are drunk should be prosecuted along with the alcoholic they sold to.”

Bartenders, waiters, waitress’s don’t count the number of drinks a person guzzles down.


Let’s us also start prosecuting LEO’s instead of just giving them a pass, a ride home, and a brotherhood wink.


One more good reason to dump career Congresswoman Lois Capps. .I realize she has no control over her staff on their own time but this is a real embarrassment. How much you wanna bet he gets off?


Not a fan of Capps by ANY means and would love to see her out of office BUT this isn’t it. She has zero responsibility here. This would be like some everyday John Q public having happen to them and then we are going to go after their boss? And why? The only reason to go after Capps would be for partisan reasons. I don’t like to see that on any side.