Vandenberg launches rocket with secret payload

December 6, 2013

Atlas_V_551_with_New_Horizons_on_Lauch_Pad_41A rocket with a secret payload launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base late Thursday night. [NBC 13]

The 19-story-tall Atlas V rocket launched around 11:15 p.m. Thursday and headed toward low-Earth orbit.

It is unknown what is onboard, but the Atlas V is carrying a payload for the National Reconnaissance Office, which operates U.S. intelligence gathering satellites.

Cold weather threatened the launch, but the rocket took off successfully within its launch window.

Atlas V has launched a total of 77 times from Vandenberg and Cape Canaveral, Florida. Thursday marked the second time this year that it has taken off from a West Coast location.



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Clearly there are rocket surgeons o’plenty with nothing better to do with their lives than to try

to come up with some “clever” thing thing to write about a freaking rocket launch.

I am so loving that cephalopod logo , no one is afraid of the illuminaughti and the reptilian overlords these days,,, the octopus leviathan that rules the world? Its, its you and me and some tired episcopalian CEOs working for Booze Alien LLC being used by the mollusk intelligence over lords keeping an eye on global metabolism from low earth orbit

Secret payload, it’s no surprise, the Russians have more spy satellites than we do, so the US is playing catchup.

If it’s a secret, it follows that the NSA is behind it.

It is very sad to e that NO ONE ON HERE EVEN CARES what the sick bastards in the Barak H. Obama Administration are promoting. Monitoring ALL of our calls, and then claiming that they are not monitoring us while putting a “Nothing is Beyoncé our reach” logo on their rockets. I cannot believe this used to be the USA

And even more sad that I allowed my iPad to auto correct beyond to Beyoncé! That and JayZ make me sick.