Spencer’s Fresh Markets closing San Luis Obispo store

December 16, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASpencer’s Fresh Markets announced Monday it plans to close its store in San Luis Obispo, citing an expiring lease as the reason.

Spencer Markets lease with Laguna Village Shopping Center ends Jan. 31, 2014, John Spencer said. Spencer is offering all his San Luis Obispo employees jobs at his other stores in Morro Bay and Santa Maria.

“In the meantime, it is important to let everyone know that we are fully stocked and all of our employees look forward to continuing to serve our customers through this Christmas and New Year holiday season,” Spencer said.

Spencer has considered opening other locations in both San Luis Obispo county and northern Santa Barbara county but has no expansion announcement to make at this time.

Randy Poltl, the property manager of Laguna Village Shopping Center, announced that “Grocery Outlet – Bargain Market” will become the new grocery anchor of Laguna Village Shopping Center. Grocery Outlet is a third-generation family run business, recognized as the nation’s largest grocery “extreme value” retailer. The chain has an older store in Santa Maria and two new Central Coast stores – Atascadero, opened in 2011, and Lompoc, opened in 2012.

Grocery Outlet is scheduled to open in August 2014 following the completion of the final phase of the Laguna Village Shopping Center remodel that will include new street signage, additional landscaping, parking lot repairs and the remodel of the interior and exterior of the Grocery Outlet building.

The Spencer’s building will be subdivided into two spaces – 20,000 square feet for Grocery Outlet and 13,000 square feet for a second new tenant under negotiation, Poltl said


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This news is about the worst I’ve heard this month. I really love shopping at the SLO Spencer’s. It was my regular market and my family/friends and I got addicted to their standing rib roast (I make them for Thanksgiving/Christmas). Very decent meat, and often at excellent price ($7/lb).

They also brought in some fancy sodas and non-alcoholic drinks, which was always a joy to try one while shopping (yes, I paid for the “empty” when I got to the checkout). They also had a lot of local products, including Cal Poly’s over-priced but very delicious dairy products.

I really hope they look to come back to SLO… though, I am not sure the rents here are conducive to smaller businesses. :(

This really just bums me out, man!