Fatal crash knocks out power near SLO airport

December 17, 2013

motorcycle crashA multi-vehicle crash near the San Luis Obispo Regional Airport left a motorcyclist dead and more than 350 PG&E customers without power Monday evening. [KSBY]

Around 5:45 p.m. Monday, a pick-up truck made a left turn in front of an oncoming motorcycle at the intersection of Buckley Road and Esperanza Lane, according to the CHP.

The motorcyclist hit the rear of the truck, throwing him from his bike. Another car then crashed into the motorcyclist, killing him at the scene.

The accident concluded with the car crashing into a power pole, causing electrical lines to fall on the roadway and knocking out power in surrounding homes.

The CHP is continuing to investigate the accident, but has ruled out alcohol as a cause.


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When I read the driver the the truck (that pulled out from Esperanza Lane onto Buckley Road) is 80 I could feel myself cringe. At least once a day I witness an elderly driver driving in a very tentative, unsure manner. Often times they slow down to compensate. The first thing that comes to mind is that the elderly driver pulled out onto Buckley Road at a very slow pace and blocked the cyclist who was riding within the speed limit.

I drive Buckley Road often and have had many people turn onto and pull out from Esperanza Lane with a failed sense or no consideration that vehicles on Buckley Road are traveling at 55 mph. Also the corner at Esperanza has a huge blind spot due to vegetation and those on Esperanza often pull past the stop line to see the road and still don’t seem to understand that a car traveling 55 can make up a distance in little time. It was only a matter of time before someone died and likely more will until drivers stop pulling out from or turning onto Esperanza road unsafely.

It can be very difficult to judge the distance of a motorcycle because it only has a single headlight. It’s also possible that the cyclist was travelling at more than 55 mph. This type of accident is the exact reason that I stopped riding motorcycles.

Maybe they should do something about that blind spot too. If someone can’t see oncoming traffic without pulling part way into Buckley Rd., how exactly is that person supposed to safely negotiate the intersection?